Saving Money- Repairing Instead Of Replacing

These days it seems like people are living in a throw away society. Once upon a time there were repair places for nearly everything you used, from the sewing machine to your VCR. However, nowadays it seems like items are being made even cheaper and are just made to toss out and replace when something goes wrong with them.Saving Money

You wouldn’t replace your car simply because it needed some new tires, would you? That wouldn’t be very cost effective, since the tires would only cost you a few hundred dollars, while a new car would cost a few thousand.

There are many things that you use in your life, on a daily or weekly basis, that could break down. The idea is to determine whether it’s more cost effective to have the item repaired or to replace it with something new.

Your Garage Door

Just like your vehicle itself, when your garage door breaks down that doesn’t instantly mean you need to replace it. Luckily there are places out there that do garage door repair. Have someone check it out, and if it isn’t repairable, then it’s time to consider a replacement.

Your Smartphone

Broke the screen on your smartphone? That doesn’t mean you need to drop a hundred bucks, or more, to buy a new phone. You can replace the screen. If you’re having other issues with your phone try troubleshooting and call tech support before you replace it. It could be an easy fix.

Your Television

Televisions may be dropping in price these days, but you don’t want to just trash that $400 smart TV when it breaks down and have to replace it with another $400. Some electronics stores still offer repair services, so look into that before you decide your TV, or any other electronics, is a complete loss.

Your Microwave

Depending on how much you spent on your microwave in the first place, this is one instance where you may be better off just buying a new one. You can find out if it’s repairable, or use a warranty, if it came with one. But if you only spend $20 or so on it, it may be easier to just get a new one.

This is only a small example of things that break down all the time in a household. The idea is to simply figure out if there is a way to replace it and how much that cost compares to just buying a replacement. When you do buy that replacement, it also pays to consider how long the last product lasted when the salesperson asks if you want that extended warranty!

If you aren’t sure if something could possible be repairable, use the internet. You’ll be amazed what a simple search for “scanner light no longer works on HP printer” will bring. You might even be able to fix the problem on your own.