Reasons Why You Should Go for a Digital Print Method

If you require printing services, you likely would have come across different types of printing methods. While conventional methods remain a popular way of printing documents and objects, one method that is becoming increasingly popular in recent years is the digital method.Go for a Digital Print Method

The digital print method is a modern way of producing prints from electronic files. This is an alternative means from the traditional one. It is more convenient and eliminates many crude procedures that are still employed in conventional ones.

The working process of digital print is simple. A file is set according to its size requirement, and then it is converted into a high image resolution. The next step is to crop out the image so that it doesn’t waste paper when it prints. Finally, the document file is converted into a digital file format like PDF, TIFF, or GIF before it is sent to the printer.

What makes this method the best in the printing industry is that it is more flexible and gives more improved features than others. However, it would be nice to know other reasons why you should go for this digital technique. In view of this, let us discuss the benefits and possible downsides of this method.

Benefits of Digital Print Method

Here are some of the benefits:


This is one of the most important benefits of this process. It is the quality of the resulting output. Digital print assures you of a high standard, quality product that has full gradation and color. One reason why many prefer this method is due to how it perfectly registers colors on documents or images. It is the only method that does this effectively.

The colors used are of high quality, vibrant, and clear on any material. If you would like to know more about the colors used for this method, check here:


If you need to get a graphical job done within a short deadline, this is the best technique to employ. The technique is very fast and does graphics work as quickly as possible. When compared to other techniques, this does a good job at record time.


This method is very cost-effective because it doesn’t require any setup. Although the machine might be expensive, in the long run, you will save money. There is no need for printing plates or aqueous coatings. Everything happens within one process, reducing labor hours. This makes digital print, cheaper than other techniques.

Environmental Friendly

The digital procedure is very environmentally friendly as it uses little ink. The ink is only used in areas that need it; this is a great difference from conventional methods. Also, digital printers have less carbon dioxide emissions. It uses polymer-based inks that are non-hazardous air pollutants.

Versatile Material Options

Another benefit that makes it a better choice is that it allows different material options. Thanks to the improvements made in the printing industry, it is possible to duplicate successfully on various objects ranging from PVC to wood, plastics, and glass.

Lower Quantities

One benefit of this above others is that it can duplicate on lower quantities. This is what makes the digital method more cost-effective than others. You can set the documents or images to duplicate into fewer quantities on a material.

Newer Improvements

Another important benefit is the fact that the digital technique is evolving every day. Newer improvements are being made each year. Since its emergence 30 years ago, there have been new and improved features added to the printers to improve their efficiency. You can be sure that these improvements will keep getting better. For some of these improvements, read this article.

Accurate Proofing

One of the benefit of this is that it gives you time to carefully correct your image or document before you send it to the printer. This proofing can be done in a file format like PDF or PNG so you get to review the documents or images in this format. This is necessary especially when you are working with graphics like business cards or flyers.

Downsides of Digital Print Method

The following are some downsides of this method:

Limited Colors Match Capability

Limited colors matchAlthough there have been improvements made in including colors into this printing, there is still some difficulty experienced in adopting this color capability. This difficulty is due to a difference in inks, toner, or color finishes.

Also, while you can be sure of quality colored images or documents, this digital method will not duplicate metallic or fluorescent colors. So if you want this color theme, you should go for the conventional method.

Not Fully Durable

The digital print provides a reasonable amount of durability especially when it uses UV light. However, the ink might not be strong on certain materials so it is not fully durable.


If you have a printing project, digital print is the best choice for you. It is cost-effective, offers accurate proofing, and is very environmentally friendly. You will be glad to choose it for your project.