ReactJS Training Course


React JS is a revolutionary library in the large family of JavaScript libraries. It is an open source library and is considered to be very helpful to build interactive user interfaces. It is considered especially useful for single page web-based applications. It can be used to build and handle a set of view layers for mobile apps as well as web apps. It has also often proved to be useful in creating UI components that are reusable. Created in the offices of Facebook by Jordan Walke, it was deployed on the interfaces of Facebook in 2011 and on Instagram in 2012.ReactJS Training Course

Among its other specialties, React also helps a website change its content dynamically without reloading of a page. It is simple, scalable, and fast. It can be combined with other JavaScript libraries, Angular JS to create frameworks and MVCs. ReactJS, unlike Vanilla JS, helps the HTML syntax in rendering subcomponents. This syntax of HTML is processed into function calls of JavaScript in the ReactJS Framework.

ReactJS also has a bunch of native libraries which were released and commercialized by Facebook in the year of 2015. These libraries helped in providing architectural framework for native applications like iOS, Android as well as UPD.

Why ReactJS?

One may question the need to learn ReactJS for the front end when one has many other alternative approaches to making the front end user interface dynamic as well as aesthetic without much effort. But, ReactJS is preferred over them all for the following reasons.


This is one of the simpler of JavaScript libraries to grasp. This follows a component-based approach and possesses a well-defined lifecycle. It is quite simple to build a simple professional web-based interactive application and can easily help the HTML and CSS look more visual and pleasing. React has a special syntax known as JSX which allows a user to combine HTML with JavaScript, although this is not mandatory and the developer can still write using plain JS.

Easy to Learn

React JS Training is extremely easy to learn. Anyone with a little bit of programming language knowledge can learn ReactJS with ease. Unlike the Domain Specific language such as Angular as well as Ember, React JS is far more basic and all one needs is the basic knowledge of HTML as well as CSS.

We see that there are tons of React JS Training modules online. These are all certified set of online courses that may teach the user or the student the whole of the ReactJS library from the scratch to the finish. There are few basic guidelines that these famous websites may follow.

  • Understand how each page of the ReactJS application is different from the traditional frameworks used for web dev.
  • Using the new features of an ES6 language.
  • Develop at least one application from scratch to finish using the latest versions of the software in any course.

There are various portals where one can learn ReactJS with ease and can also master them within no time. But, there are very few modules in the course which provide a very corporate approach to the usage of ReactJS.