Public Speaking in Business: Why it’s a Necessity

It’s funny how many people have a fear of public speaking. To someone who grew up participating in drama or debate, public speaking is close to second nature. There is little that is scary about it, the words flow just as easily as if they were talking to a best friend, and to fear seems like absolute nonsense.Public Speaking in BusinessTo the larger percent of the population who doesn’t fit into this category, public speaking is the farthest thing from second nature that could ever possibly exist. The actors, debaters, and people who feel comfortable speaking in front of a crowd only account for 10 percent of the population. Another 10 percent finds it to be the worst thing in the world, and the 80 percent that is left over hates it just as much but wouldn’t necessarily faint or die over it.

Speech Holds Intention

Face to face and voice to voice communication is the most important asset to a business. When you’re texting or emailing somebody you’ve probably experienced how words can lose their meaning or get twisted around to fit whatever the person who is reading them wants them to be. Written words lose their intention and nuances of the voice that express emotion aren’t able to be picked up. This causes the bulk of what’s being communicated to be lost.

Since people hate public speaking, the idea of speaking on the phone with somebody or having to talk to a group of employees about a matter is terrifying. If a business resorts to only doing their business over email or other written mediums, intention can get convoluted and gossip can start to fly.

Connection Sells

There is a reason why long distance relationships don’t usually work. In order for a relationship to healthily function, there has to be time spent together in person so that spirit to spirit connection can be made. Eye contact and presentation are accounted for in the natural.

When all of the social cues that contribute to a healthy and functioning relationship are at hand, a business can sell their brand much easier than if they were just to take to a written way of conducting business. This is the reason that video is so popular in modern life. People long to connect. When all of the senses are involved in the communication process, more is accomplished because connection is what drives life.

People Can Feel Valued

In the end, people want to feel like they’re a valuable part of your corporal entity. When you don’t include them on your all of your affairs by being verbal, up close and personal, they’ll be more likely to develop a sort of loyalty to your brand.