Most Powerful Antivirus App to Date

When it comes to being able to keep your phone protected, you need a powerful antivirus application. With an antivirus app downloaded to your mobile device, you will be able to keep viruses at bay as well as malware, spyware and more. By protecting your smartphone, you are keeping your personal information secure, which means you can feel more confident as you go online and enjoy social media, check email, share documents, etc.Most Powerful Antivirus

Powerful Security for Your Mobile

Android security is provided by the AVG Antivirus app in a variety of ways. Once downloaded, the application works quietly in the background of your device to be able to protect your device from the newest viruses, spyware and malware issues. Unwanted callers are blocked as well as unsafe apps to ensure your mobile is not accessed by hackers.

Anti-theft capabilities are also in place to help assist you if your device is lost or stolen. Once missing, you can use the Anti-Theft website of AVG to locate your mobile. Use Google Maps to find the phone’s location and then remotely lock the device so no one will have access. Once you reach the map location, turn on a blaring alarm remotely so that you can locate the exact spot where your mobile is situated.

You also will find the app offers the Device Lock feature to ensure your mobile is protected if stolen. Criminals will remove the SIM card to be able to use your device undetected. With the application in place, once the SIM card is removed and replaced, the phone automatically locks up and cannot be used, helping to keep your personal details safe and secure.

With the AVG Antivirus app, you can rest easy knowing that your device is protected. Download the free version of the app today to begin providing top quality security for your mobile device.