15 Best Christmas Quotes

Christmas is almost here and the count down will begin soon.Santa Claus is beginning to make appearances around the globe.Today we would like to share 15 best Christmas quotes of all time. 1. If there is no joyous way to give a festive gift, give love away. — Author Unknown 2.Christmas, children, is not a … Read more

Want To Start A Software Business? Don’t Reinvent The Wheel

The Dot-Com bubble mentality is back, and in full force. But this time, it’s all about homebrew, iterative, DIY technology development. Sites like Hacker News and Killer Startups make it sound so easy to create a new product and bootstrap your way to overnight riches. But the truth is quite different. No matter how original … Read more

5 Easy Ways to Become Successful in Business

While having your own business might sound lucrative, to meet success in it is one of the major challenges of you’ll face. Some people have been forced to close down their businesses just because it sounds hopeless that it may take too long before they could actually become successful in what they are doing. There … Read more

Famous Quotes by Bill Gates

Welcome back EarningDiary. Today I would like to share some great quotes by Bill Gates the founder of Microsoft corporation. If you have another one, don’t forget to add it to our comment section. 1. I studied everything but never topped,but today d toppers of d best universities r my employees. 2. Information flow is … Read more