Ori Tal and His Interests

Ori Tal the real estate and property master

ESO Equity Group has been one of the most trusted agencies of all times to offer service in real estate managing and developing. Behind this success is the master mind of it all. Ori Tal is currently the President of the group and was also the sole founder of this great business entity. He holds two degrees in economics and also in the field of law. With his extensive background he put together this business in 2003 and has now become one of the most sought companies for real estate matters. During his younger years he enrolled in the navy as an Israeli Navy Officer with honors (vet.). real estate and property master

His successes

Florida has always been and will always be the destination of real estate developers worldwide. With a thriving international atmosphere everywhere you go and in all corners of the city, Florida certainly is one of the most international areas in the country and in the world. As well as this the pleasant year-long weather has triggered migration from all over America to this city making homes, property and real estate an extremely sought-for help for home-seekers. The following are some of the successes of Ori Tal that has lead him to the popularity he is today:

In no more than 10 years, the ESO Equity Group is now a holding company for not only residential property but also for commercial businesses.

Condominium conversions are one of the most complex and sophisticated successes of his team. As a group they manage condominiums to increase population of the building and turn them into a heavenly place to live in by re-making its structure and it’s interior. Whatever condo conversion project you throw at them they will complete with gleaming results.

Orlando’s Millennium Palms Condominium was a master piece he was able to resell in no more than 2 years after remaking all 144 units. A staggering amount of units in such little time. this success lead to the development of the Royal Oak Patio House and not to mention thousands of orders on renovating homes.

Ori Tal and his pics

To get to know where all the energy is rooted from, take a look at his collection of the Ori Tal pics below. These pictures are his inspirations along with his unmatched skills of property development.

The Circular Pit House of Tamano, Okayama developed by UID Architects & Associates. Its interior is mostly made from wood, materials of glass and hints of indoor greenery to compliment the circular interior design.

The Shell House also in Japan is developed by NACASA & Partners. Situated in the midst of the forest, this semi-circular home is embedded with an open patio welcoming the magnificent scene of the woods outside.

The Moore Studio made by Omar Gandhi also sits nicely in his picture collection. Combining the look of an industrial studio home with a forest cabin, the Moore Studio blends in seamlessly with its outdoor ambience.