Online Tools That Help You Earn While Adding Knowledge

Several studies reveal that college education lends a definite edge to a person in life. Not only does he or she get access to a higher-paying job market but it also brings added advantages of better quality of life and more satisfying socializing opportunities. And yet college tuition can be exorbitant which sometimes deters young people to go down the path of higher education. So if you don’t belong to the trust fund kind of family or are simply looking to make something on the side, here are a few online tools that can help you earn as you learn.

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Online tutoring

Consider yourself special to have got into college at all – there are hundreds of people out there struggling with school curriculum. So look for online tutoring tools that will employ college students like you. The experts that such sites like Online Assignment Writing and assignment help USA look for cover the entire spectrum of K+12 subjects, ranging from English language, History, Geography to Maths and the Sciences. Additionally you can even coach compulsory second languages like Spanish and French. In fact, if you have consistently been an above average student and are doing well in college too, you can even end up tutoring college students who need help or from other parts of the world where the standard of college education is not as good as yours. Some sites like Ulessy actually offer a mix of both professional and social networking opportunities for online tutors. Best of all in online tutoring you do not need to go anywhere and thus spend time or money on commute. All you will need is strong internet connectivity, a webcam and perhaps a stylus or smart board – and you are good to go.

Assignment writing

As a college student, you are sure to be writing several types of assignments in all your major and minor subjects. Indeed by the time you finish your freshman year, you are likely to be adept in assignment writing skills. So why not use them to earn some extra cash? Assignment writing companies like Online Assignment Help and Top Assignment Experts are examples of a highly lucrative online tool wherein students from across the world pay experts to help with their assignments. And the best part about this ‘earn while you learn’ option is that you can choose to work at the level and in the subjects that suits you most. In case you have a huge workload in your own college, you can take up minor assignment writing projects like proofreading and editing. On the other hand during lean periods in your college schedule you can pick up heavier assignments like writing whole papers or even doctoral level dissertations for which you can then demand more attractive compensation rates. Best of all, since you are dealing with the nitty-gritty’s of your major subjects on a daily basis, you are sure to sail through your commercial assignment writing projects.

Online Forum writing

If your friends and family have always complimented on your resourceful nature, how about sharing them to earn while you learn! There are scores of online portals like message board by TFTH. These are extremely popular with new campus arrivals since they offer useful information about student resources ranging from food and accommodation to part-time work opportunities and transport information. Then again for foreign students, such online forums are a valuable resource centre for adjusting to the mainstream culture including socializing inside and outside college. Such students need all the help they can get with course expectations and co-curricular club options so that they are not just able to do their best academically but also cope with the social life of the college. If you fancy yourself an expert on all these matters, by all means start writing for the message boards on such online portals – you will not only get paid but even get a chance to help many newbies by sharing valuable information.

Online Language Teaching

This is a specialized form of online tutoring where your students are not always from schools or even colleges but anyone interested to learn a new language. Hence working professionals, interns, seniors, young people on a sabbatical from school or just someone interested could be queuing up to learn a foreign language if you are good at it. While Spanish, French, German and Chinese Mandarin are most in demand from students, also consider Arabic, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian and Cantonese for great business potential so if you are an expert on any foreign language, consider this as another earning option even as you are studying in college. Duolingo and Busuu are among the most popular free language learning sites and apps. Apart from sites, you can also sign up with official cultural institutes of foreign embassies in case they offer such language courses online.  Ideally for foreign language tutoring you should have a degree to prove your linguistic proficiency as well as the high quality microphone and high-speed net connectivity for optimum lesson quality.

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Online web designing and marketing

All those students with a knack for software programming and designing have a lucrative marketing waiting at their finger tips. With the explosion of ecommerce, especially in the developing world, the demand for website and graphic designers has simply shot through the roof. So if you have been designing your own blog that commands hundreds of followers or have been garnering millions of likes for your own YouTube channel, consider doing all this for money. To reach out to clients, you can directly post your credentials on freelancers’ blogs and sites or join online portals which will match you up with well-paying clients according to your expertise.  Then again there are digital marketing companies galore where you can devise strategies for email or social media marketing to help business keep up with the move of potential customers on to the digital space.

Thus there are many options for you to earn while you learn. With the wrapping up of the world of business and entertainment right into the palm of your hands, you can use your college studies in more ways than one – not only make some extra cash, but gain real work experience which is sure to help you in your later professional life.