Need More Money? Here’s How to Balance Multiple Jobs

Remember the 90s, when we considered Homer Simpson a professional failure? These days, being able to support a five-member family, own a house and two cars as a sole earner would be considered the highest of achievements. Sure, such a thing is possible today as well, but it is not very likely to happen if you’re currently working just one job. In order to get that kind of income, you would have to do a bit of part-time freelancing or start a side-project of your own and here are three tips on how to balance multiple jobs.Need More Money

1.      Plan Your Week Way Ahead

Working hard on several jobs is definitely possible, but it won’t leave you room for anything else. Even the most desperate workaholics need to spend some time with their family and friends, catch a game or watch a movie on Saturday night, but such a thing isn’t going to happen without proper organization. You need to start planning everything, and we mean everything, not just chores. Social events, visits or hang-outs need to be scheduled well ahead of time.

As for the game night and a movie night, you need to have the exact date and a more-or-less strict timetable of how long you’re supposed to spend on these events. Sure, when it comes to your family you need to set some time aside each day, so it might be a good idea to plan all of this well ahead of time.

2.      Take Some Time Off

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that working 24/7 isn’t a great long-term solution. There is such a thing as being overworked and aside from making you feel bad it brings some professional risks, as well. For example, this kind of exhaustion can cause you to start getting late with your deadlines and even cause the quality of your work to drop. This means that by making an irrational decision to give it 100 percent at both jobs all the time, you might lose one (or both). Seeing how you don’t want this to happen, you need to find some off time. This means taking a vacation every once in a while, but also setting aside at least one day per week when you are not going to do anything.

3.      Using Performance Enhancers

In order to give it your best when faced with such an incredible workload increase, you might want to consider resorting to performance enhancers. Although there are those who may have some concerns about this, there are no harmful consequences for your long-term health. We are talking about some simple cognitive ability enhancers that will keep your wits sharp at all times. The way these enhancers work is quite simple, but probably the clearest way to describe them would be comparing them to the pill from the Limitless. All that this Limitless pill does is help you unleash your hidden potential, nothing more or less. If not, you could at least try using some caffeine as a dietary supplement in order to keep you awake and alert once you get sleepy.


These three simple tips are probably all that you will ever need in order to take your work schedule in order, even with multiple jobs on your list. Nonetheless, in order to really keep going when the going gets tough, you need to have a strong intrinsic motivation to keep you moving forward, whether it’s your family or some financial goal you want to achieve. Seeing how we made an entrance with Homer Simpson as an example, it might be a good idea to finish in the same manner. Namely, Homer used few pictures of Maggie in order to fix the power plant motto “Don’t forget you’re here forever” into, “Do it for her”. A truly powerful incentive for any family man and perhaps another thing you may want to try out.