Michael,Trevor,Franklin and their Abilities – GTA V

The Main Characters of GTA

Michael, Trevor and Franklin are the main characters that you play in GTA V. Each character has his own back story and their own goal in the entire game. You have to play as all three to complete certain missions. You are able to switch between the characters whenever you want. Each character has his own special ability. These abilities come in very handy when you’re in a tight situation. Read down below to learn more about them and their abilities.  The characters are able to improve with GTA cheats and tips. You can customize characters in online mode. It is possible to see thousands of different characters in online mode. Maybe that’s what makes the game interesting. It is a good thing that people are different as in real life. You can take advantage of the GTA online cheats to play better online mode.

Michael De Santa

Michael is one of the playable characters that has been living with his family under witness protection after his death was faked nine years ago, at the start of the game. Michael takes part in some serious heists that he completes with the help of Trevor and Franklin. What makes Michael special, is his ability to use firearms. He can use a firearm with extreme efficiency because once you turn his ability on, you can slow down the time and movements of the enemy and take a perfect aim.  This character has an important place in the plot of GTA5.

Trevor Phillips

Trevor is a Canadian-American that was raised by abusive parents. He teams up with the other two in their life of crime. The special ability of Trevor doesn’t involve slowing down time, but he can do some other pretty great stuff. He can lose less health as compared to others when he receives damage. And similarly, his attacks are much more effective than others too. He has a special meter, when it is activated, he can perform a very amazing melee attack.

Franklin Clinton

Franklin was born as a part of the Chamberlain Gangster Families. He’s always had ambitions to get richer than ever. But he knows that just being a gangster isn’t going to get him there. He then works as a repossession agent for a person named Simeon Yetarian, owner of a car dealership. The ability of Franklin is driving. He can slow down time while driving, which helps him make sharp turns and even a complete U-turn without losing any bit of speed.