Making a Financial New Year’s Resolution Come True

The time has come for making promises and resolutions that will better each person’s life as they enter the near year. People make a variety of resolutions, and some of them involve finances. For example, someone may pledge to be better off financially this time next year. New Year's Resolution Come True

Here are some ways that you can actually do that if you’re trying to better your profile:

Boost Money-Saving Efforts

One way that you can do better next year is by boosting your money-saving efforts. Commit yourself to save money and double the amount you’re saving now, and then watch your nest egg grow by next year. Set up a different bank account and request that a certain percentage of your workplace direct deposits go into such an account. You won’t miss the money if you contribute that way, and you’ll surprise yourself when you realize how fast it has grown.

Improve Your Credit

Plenty of people end up with less than perfect credit at some point in their lives. If this is you, make 2019 the year you improve your credit score. Pay down debt, pay on time, and keep credit utilization at a healthy level. In the meantime, if situations arise where borrowing is necessary, turn to a loan for if you have bad credit and need cash now. Just make sure to have a clear repayment plan in place.

Make More Investments

You can also improve your financial standings by setting yourself up for a better retirement. Start making investments now, and you will have a significant amount of savings by the time next year rolls around. Sign up immediately if your job offers the 401(k) plan. Many employers offer some great incentives and additions. Some of them match your contributions up to 6 percent. Think of it as free money, and take as much of it as you can get.

Get a Better Job

Maybe your job doesn’t pay as much as you would like to earn, or you don’t have a full-time job at this time. You can remedy that by touching up your resume and going for positions that will serve you better. There’s nothing wrong with looking for better employment opportunities. If another company is willing to put you in a better financial situation, then you should take the job.

Join the Frugality Club

Another thing you can do is try to live a totally frugal life from this moment forward. Start shopping at discount department stores. Buy food in bulk so that you can stretch it out for as long as possible. Keep your eye on the electricity that you use so that you can save money on that, as well. You don’t have to deprive yourself when it comes to recreational activities. You can find deals, discounts, coupons and special events that allow you to have fun for less so that you don’t feel deprived of anything.

Find Creative Ways to Slice Bills

Cutting your bills can give a better financial standing in a year’s time. You can do that by doing an honest assessment of your expenses and then coming up with creative ways to slice them. For example, review your cell phone bill and see if you need all the features and benefits that come with your plan. You may be able to cut your hotspot feature of or something else that isn’t a necessity. Perhaps you can lower your internet service to a slower speed to save some money. Another example is your car insurance. You may be able to raise your deductible to lower your premium. The trick with that is that you need to have enough money to put down if an accident ever occurs. Be careful with this step and make sure that you can take care of yourself if the worst happens.

It’s possible to do better next year if you’re heart is sincerely into doing so. You can start practicing today by paying off debts and saving up so that you will be on point tomorrow.