Make Your iPad Mini One Of A Kind With A Customized Wrap

Your iPad Mini 4 is an uncomplicated piece of technology. Its A8 2nd generation chip with 64-bit architecture and M8 motion coprocessor runs all of your favorite apps with ease. Being the 4th generation, it’s standing on top of a strong foundation. In fact, its graphics are 60% faster and CPU is 30% faster than the previous generations, so it’s able to run all of your favorite apps with ease. It comes with a surprisingly capable camera and a breathtaking 7.9 inch LED Multi-Touch display to view your pictures on.

iPad mini 4All of this comes in Apple’s smallest package. With dimensions that include 8 x 5.31 inches, it looks tiny in comparison to the other iPads, in particularly when sat next to the Pro, which positively dwarfs the Mini. But that only proves the failing of the Pro. You bought the Mini for a reason. At its diminutive size, you can take it anywhere you go. It fits in your purse, carry-on, briefcase, and bag, so you can take it on holiday, to work, while you shop, or to your friend’s place.

The iPad Mini 4 is also uncomplicated in its design. It doesn’t break from the typical Apple style in anyway, as it shares the same sleek lines and modern outline as every other iPad. That means you and your Mini look the same as 250 million other iPad owners. And that’s just since December of 2015. Every day another iPad—another Mini—is sold, adding to this number. It can be hard to think you’re just one in literally millions of other people.

If you’re tired of being a part of the crowd, it’s time that you step away from the group and start looking into customization options. Avoid hard plastic cases, as they complicated your simple Mini 4. Clasps, hinges, and inflexible materials make them difficult to attach and remove. Even worse—they’re rarely made for the Mini 4 in mind, as manufacturers create whatever’s cheapest and easiest. As a result, these hard cases usually end up leaving too much space between itself and the iPad—a tiny gap where dirt and debris can collect.

The superior choice lies in cool iPad mini wraps and skins. They’re made out of a curve-hugging vinyl skin that sits flush against the surface of your iPad. Mini 4 wraps are engineered to match the precise dimensions of your particular iPad, so there are never any ill-fitting pieces leaving your device uncovered. Instead, you can expect complete concealment of Apple’s boring design with your customized style. That’s right—the vinyl of these iPad wraps can take on the color and texture of your personal design. Mahogany, carbon fibre, leather, metallic, and wood are just a few of the options that await you. Mix and match with vibrant true colors to create a truly unique set-up.

Applying them is simple, as the vinyl attaches similar to a sticker but without any of the messy or frustrating glues. It naturally wants to adhere to the Mini but can be peeled back for adjustments anytime you want. That means you can create several iPad Mini skins to interchange as the seasons and your moods change. With a Mini that’s constantly changing and updating, there’s no chance of you having the same iPad as anyone else in the world. So start playing around to see what sort of combinations you can make, and customize your Mini 4.