Five Ways To Make The Most of Your Shopping Cart Software

The time you spend updating and managing your online store can put a damper on the creative process. You need time to focus on creating new products and promoting your business. Luckily, there are many companies that offer a shopping cart software for managing your store. The key is to use the software to stay on top of your inventory, orders and progress. Here are five ways to make the most of your shopping cart ecommerce software.
Shopping Cart Software

Update Your Store Instantly

It is important to keep your store updated for your customers. You do not want them to browse through products that have changed or are out of stock. However, it takes time to update your store manually. The good news is you can use the software to add, edit and remove products in just several minutes. Your store is updated right away to ensure your content is always fresh.

Add Complementary Products

If you are only selling one or two items in your store, you can increase your sales by adding complementary products. You may want to sell decorative plates with your cookies, or maybe you want to sell stylish bookmarks with your hardcover books. The software features a DOBA catalog that allows you to add the products to your store in just several minutes.

Turn On Order Alerts

Your customers need to know you are running a serious business, and they are not going to take you seriously if you miss their orders. Use the shopping cart software to receive instant order alerts on your smartphone or desktop. You do not have to worry about checking your email or logging into your store to receive an order. You are always on top of your orders so you can fulfill them as soon as possible.

Manage Your Orders

Use the shopping cart software to manage your orders without the extra stress. The management tools allow you to receive and fulfill orders in a timely manner. You can use it to make sure the payment has gone through and the order has been shipped. Use the tool to give your customers the option to check the status of their own order.

Track Your Progress

It is important to use the shopping cart software to track the progress of your store. You need to know which products are doing well, need improvement and should be removed altogether. Tracking your progress also gives you an idea of how much promoting needs to be done. Use the Google Analytics integration to track your store ROI and statistics.

The best way to manage your store is to take advantage of the tools on your shopping cart software.

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