Looking For The Best Office Phone Service Provider in Australia? Check Out This

Imagine an office phone system that allows you to call from anywhere anytime without even owning a phone that allows you to do the video calls even from your web browser as well, that can easily transcribe voicemails into text and emails.  Welcome to the world of VoIP.Best Office Phone Service Provider

The traditional copper-wired phone might work for your home up to a certain extent in this digital era, as it loses its sheen and functionality in huge office premises. Here, you need to have a virtual phone number to cater all your customers’ need and hassle-free operations.

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol is the product of latest technological advancement that has made office telephony system with an Australia phone number easy and cost-effective.  With the use of this technology, you can easily make and receive calls directly from your computer or any other data-driven devices easily.

Why do you need to own a virtual phone number for your office?

The advancement of technology has not only expanded our means of telecommunication but also increase the number of operations that one needs to perform at work front.  When you are in an office, you need to make video calls, do teleconferencing, send voicemails, and perform various other tasks on a regular basis. Performing all these functions with local Australia phone number is not at all possible.

A virtual phone number will turn out your computers a calling device over a single click. Going forward, when you are a global organization you need to make international calls that are usually very costly with a conventional mobile or landline phone.

However, your VoIP enabled office phone system will grant you to make international calls from anywhere at a peanut’s cost.  It gives you a local reach in any part of the world.

What are the features of the best virtual office phone number?

There is no second opinion in the fact that a virtual number is the need of the hour. Be it receiving calls or arranging teleconference, there is a lot to do with your office’s phone system these days.  It is very necessary for your office phone to perform all these tasks without much of hassles.

If you are looking for the best office phone service provider in Australia, make sure that that VoIP offered by it must have below-mentioned features in it to suffice its purpose by all means.

  • Call forwarding

Customers’ calls are very important for any business. It is necessary for a business not to miss any call irrespective of the time and location. The best virtual office number will make you able to transfer your unattended calls to other lines. It is very important that your virtual contact number will be handling that call traffic easily and diligently.

Some best VoIP providers like CallHippo even allows users to forward the customers’ call as per the work-shift system. In addition, its mobile app support allows you to receive the calls from your mobile or any other data-driven device after the office hours as well.  In short, the best office phone service provider will make sure that you should never miss any single call.

  • Call recording

There are times when you need to go back and listen to a particular office conference or customer call for any reference. Though it is not possible with traditional landline phone number, your VOIP phone number will make it happen with call recording feature.

The feature is a must-have tool in every best office phone service provider product to abolish the tedious note taking the job. The technological advancement of some VoIP products has made them efficient enough to convert the call recordings directly into the emails.

In addition, the recorded calls over the best VoIP system like CallHippo can be used in future for staff training purpose as well.

  • Voice Mail system

An integrated voicemail system is another important feature that every best office phone service provider should offer in its VoIP products. This cutting-edge technology makes you able to create different voicemail boxes for different functions.  In addition, some innovative VoIP products like CallHippo directly delivers the voicemails over your email and allows you to access them from anywhere with its cloud technology.

  • Call Analytics

Call analytics is a cutting-edge feature of any VoIP product that is very important to get the details about the calls received in your office.  This feature allows a business to take note of the nature of the call received and made, duration of the call, quality of calls and source of the calls received in your office. Your VoIP-driven Australia phone number will help you to do cloud-based speech analysis of the calls and understand the behavior of the customers.

Getting the best deal on the office phone service provider in Australia is an easy task only if you pay little attention to the features offered and cost involved in it.