Living a Mediterranean Lifestyle

If you love Mediterranean style, you don’t have to live by the sea to have a beautiful home with Mediterranean features. With a few design ideas inspired by Mediterranean architecture, you can create a beautiful interior that reflects comfortable living spaces and warm, inviting ambiance found in many San Antonio Luxury Realty homes.Living a Mediterranean Lifestyle

Mediterranean-style homes reflect lifestyles in warm climates and areas close to the Mediterranean Sea. Countries like Spain, Italy, and Greece are filled with beautiful homes and spaces that capture seaside living. Important architectural features include stucco walls, arched openings, large windows and doors, red tile roofs, and enclosed verandas.

Warm, Sun-Drenched Colors

The Mediterranean-style color palette is heavily influenced by warm colors found in nature. Colors seen in rural landscapes such as grass greens, dusty yellows, earthy browns and oranges, vivid blues, and soft lavenders are showcased in interior furnishings, textiles, area rugs, and accessories. These colors emphasize a Mediterranean lifestyle that’s filled with warm, sunny days, relaxing nights, and cool sea breezes.

Textured Walls and Ceilings

The architecture in many Mediterranean countries is hundreds of years old, so building materials are different that what’s used today. Home interiors feature thick walls made of textured stucco and Venetian plaster. Ceilings are high and often arched to emphasize soft curves and flowing spaces. You won’t find much drywall in older homes along the Mediterranean Sea. If it is used, it’s usually textured or glazed to mimic the look of aged stucco and plaster.

Hand-Painted Tiles

Tiles are commonly used for roofing, outdoor walkways, interior floors and walls, countertops, and fireplaces. Hand-painted tiles in various sizes, shapes, and colors are found in most Mediterranean-style homes. You’ll see large limestone pavers, terra-cotta tiles, patterned porcelain tiles, and colorful mosaics that emphasize the casual lifestyle near the sea. Tiles are used extensively because they stay cool in a climate that gets hot spring and summer weather. Hand-painted tiles reflect many of the intricate details found in surrounding landscapes.

Intricate Metals

Many countries along the Mediterranean Sea are heavily influenced by Moroccan and Turkish architecture. Doors, cabinets, and stair railings often feature polished or hammered metal finishes in black and bronze. Popular accessories include heavy, hand-forged door knobs and hinges, wrought-iron benches, metal fireplace screens, filigree light fixtures, and large metal floor urns.

Outdoor Verandas

The Mediterranean climate stays warm most of the year, so outdoor verandas and portico spaces are common architectural elements. Outdoor spaces are often partially enclosed with columns or fabrics instead of solid walls, so people can enjoy the warm sunshine and cool sea breezes. Indoor spaces flow easily to outdoor spaces and feel like part of the main house. Homes at property management companies San Antonio offer many luxurious features that mimic the Mediterranean lifestyle.