My Life, My Job, My Career: How 5 Careers will make you Succeed in Life

If you’ve ever sat up at night wondering, “what should I do with my life,” or “how can I not waste my time on Earth,” you’re not alone. Many people dedicate their lives to pursuing the career of their dreams, aspiring to make the most of their talents through a profession they sincerely love and enjoy. Consider these five careers if you’re still looking for a fulfilling lot in life.

Audio Engineer

audio engineerIf you have ever been moved by a live musical performance or take time out of your day to listen to the nuanced sounds of nature, a┬ácareer in audio production may be for you. Audio engineers and producers work with various types of technical equipment to produce music, dialogue and sound effects for a wide variety of media. Films, television, musicians, theatres and video games all need quality audio production crews, a career in this field can definitely introduce you to tons of interesting people and ideas. This path is also great if you’re looking to blend the intricacies of physics with artistic creativity.

Medical Professional

medical professionalMillions of people around the world find their calling in the Hippocratic Oath, the ancient Greek text that binds its followers to the pursuit of healing above all other desires in life. Medical professionals include nurses, doctors, physicians, surgeons and more, but what they all share in common is an unconditional desire to improve people’s’ well-being, no matter what their background. Most medical professions pay very well, but require hundreds of hours of education, training and personal sacrifice. As long as people continue to get sick or injured, individuals with a nursing degree will be in high demand the world over.


programmersA relatively new profession in the grand scheme of human history, computer programming involves typing out the precise and often mind-numbing instructions computers follow every day. Every website you’ve ever visited uses hundreds of lines of code to make sure every button, text box, link, animation, widget and command work together in perfect harmony. Programming takes the form of several languages such as Ruby, Python, Javascript, C++ and more. Learning these languages requires an intuitive grasp of logic and mathematical functions. The seemingly mundane act of coding often becomes a battlefield of problem solving and critical thinking. However, few things in life are as rewarding as watching your code come to life.

Personal Trainer

personal trainerIf you’re bursting with energy and cringe at the thought of sitting behind a desk all day, a career as a personal trainer might be right for you. These athletic professionals spend every day at work helping their clients achieve their fitness goals. They show people how to use workout equipment safely and correctly while also teaching them creative ways to push their body. Successful personal trainers also have an intimate knowledge of dietetics and help their clients make smart food choices to suit their fitness goals. Personal trainers work with people from all walks of life, from the weekend warriors all the way up to professional athletes. They also have the added benefit of getting to work out every day and maintain a sexy, lean physique.

Event Planner

event plannerSo long as people have a reason to gather someplace, event planners will be in demand. These individuals are responsible for organizing events such as birthday parties, weddings, bat/bar mitzvahs, business luncheons and so on. They’re usually responsible for setting up the event, making sure important guests arrive on time, catering food for guests and making sure the entire affair follows the client’s exact specifications. Successful event planners are very organized and adaptable, as last-minute changes are common. It also helps to be personable and charismatic since tensions sometimes run high (especially when it comes to weddings).

Whatever path you decide to pursue in life, don’t forget to find yourself a top-notch education before you hit the job market. With a degree in hand, you’ll be ready to pursue your dream job