Laptop Batteries: What You Need to Know

all about laptop batteriesWelcome back to EarningDiary.Generally we write articles related to make money online tips, blogging tips, SEO etc.But this article is all about laptop batteries. Laptop batteries are the main source of power for laptops, and are recharged as needed with a power supply cord. Over the years, laptop batteries have grown smaller, while providing more power. This is due to advances in technology, and the changing of compounds within the battery.

Laptop batteries are of the rechargeable group, unlike the one use batteries that power your child’s toys for example. Rechargeable batteries contain different compounds, and have a lifespan that is unrivaled by disposable batteries.

What Is In A Laptop Battery?

Currently, the most popular type of batteries chosen for laptops are Lithium Ion batteries. These batteries are composed of Lithium Ions, of course, to conduct electricity and power your laptop. They are favored because of their low weight, and the power that they can conduct versus other batteries. They also don’t suffer from the “memory effect” like many older batteries; the memory effect occurs when batteries lose their power and conductive abilities after being recharged time after time. Since they are able to keep a long lifespan, you don’t have to worry about your computer dying faster and faster over time. They will hold up for years, giving you a charge that will hold for a few hours. Lithium Ion Polymer batteries are also common, and are quite similar. These batteries are commonly found in Macs. The Lithium found in these batteries is suspended in polymer, instead of being in a liquid state within the battery. These batteries are also lighter, and are easier to build and shape.

How Can You Extend The Life Of A Laptop Battery?

When you use a laptop, there are several ways to cut down on your battery use. If you are oblivious to these tips, you will drain your laptop battery much faster. Defragging on a regular basis is a huge help to your battery, as it cuts down on energy that your hard drive consumes. A cluttered hard drive will work twice as hard. You should also dim your screen to reduce power consumption, and end any background programs that aren’t necessary. If you have external devices connected to your laptop, it is also advised to disconnect them. They will consume plenty of power from your laptop.

Many people also don’t realize that advanced graphics cards can consume just as much power as the hard drive itself, meaning you should turn them off when you are not using them. These are all great ways to lower the strain on your battery, and improve the life of your laptop when you are unable to charge it. You should also not forget to avoid multitasking when you cannot charge it- It’s understood that the more you have going, the quicker your battery will die. Listening to music while playing games will obviously take a much bigger toll on your battery life than a simple data-entry task would.

Laptop batteries need to be conditioned, and taken care of. If you neglect your battery and overuse or overheat it consistently, you may run into problems with it sooner than you normally would. A little extra caution will ensure that your battery serves you for a long time!