Interesting Facts and Information about Geometry

Geometry is the branch of mathematics, which mainly deals with the study of different lines, solid figures, their patterns, properties, finding the lengths, breadth, width, areas, angles and a lot more. The principles of Geometry were used from the Ancient Egyptians which was around 3000 BC.Interesting Geometry Facts and Tactics

The origin of the word Geometry comes from a Greek word, which denotes to the measurement of Earth. Euclid, the Greek Mathematician is known as the Father of Geometry because of his great contributions. Apart from measuring or finding the area of the solid figures, the applications of geometry are also widely used surveying, constructing buildings, navigation and also applied in the fields of computer, robotics, and video games.

Below are more interesting facts about geometry.

  • There are many branches of geometry, which includes Euclidean and Non- Euclidean Geometry, Differential, Projective, Analytic, and Topology.
  • Triangle is a polygon with 3 sides and 3 angles. There are 45 different types of triangles and the triangle area is calculated by multiplying its base with the one-half of its height.
  • Pythagoras theorem is an old theorem which was prepared in around 500 BC by the Greek philosopher and mathematician.
  • Compass was the most powerful and an ancient tool of geometry which helped in the construction of angles, measuring the lengths, and other geometric shapes.
  • Geometry is used to calculate and measure the size, shape, area, and perimeter of solid figures including circle area, radius, its circumference, etc.
  • A quadrilateral is a polygon with 4 sides and 4 right angles. Quadrilaterals are classified into numerous shapes, including squares, rectangles, rhombuses, kites, trapezoids, etc. and are mainly based on the number of sides and angles.

These were some interesting facts about geometry. Geometry is an important course in mathematics and is taught from the lower classes in order to provide its importance and other practical applications in our day to day activities. Geometry is one of the oldest forms of mathematics as it is used from the ancient people. Among all the solid geometrical figures, triangle shapes are often used in construction because of their great strength.

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