How Indian company are disrupting the Global Stock Market App Arena

The World is getting smarter, and one such smart benchmark is taking the web to the phone. The advent of Android has changed a lot of things in our lives, and stock markets are no different. It is more or less an agent of change that has radically changed the landscape of the way we used to do the things.Global Stock Market App Arena

A year ago, the world of smartphones was completely dominated by global players – notably Moneycontrol and EDELWEISS. But now, with IIFL things have dramatically changed. Let’s look at some key parameters.

All these apps are usually rolled out for free, and leading stock market apps like IIFL money, Sharekhan, Moneycontrol are no exception. Moreover, their developer teams develop the app in such a way that it is compatible with a wide range of smartphones, thereby taking the new and wholesome stock market trading experience to every individual.

  • Features: Compared to other global apps, IIFL Markets has lived TV, can play inbuilt videos, and most notably widget feature. We’ve kept out the subjective analysis here. Therefore, taking only the objective part of the picture into account.  Compared to other companies, IIFL also allows users to see key ratios, get price alert notification, set favorites and do a flurry of other interesting things with their stock market utility.
  • Trading: Now, here’s where an Indian app beats other competitors hands down. Global players have not been able to integrate well with various trading platforms. Sharekhan here does a fine job, with IIFL clearly taking the lead. Since none of the global companies allows stock market trading, Indian apps like IIFL surges ahead of others.
  • User friendliness: While no one could call an app developer’s wisdom naïve, the global companies have apparently failed to take interaction of a typical Indian User into account. That is more of a cultural bridge. Indian Apps are doing a fine job in bridging it. From guest login to flawless integration of brokerage accounts, Indian Apps have piped their global counterparts.

You can download the stock market app like IIFL Money and see for yourself how it delivers a quality trading experience and paves a way for modification of the good old methods for stock market trading. This app is available for free on both apple and android platforms.

In hindsight, a week’s use should be good enough for a user to infer what works for him/her. Whether you are a seasoned investor or a novice, the app would work for you.  It is not necessary to have a brokerage account with India Infoline in order to use IIFL app, you can bypass the full registration with guest login – just like how you can with your computer’s operating system

Smartphones have pretty much changed our lives and stock markets are not aloof. IIFL Markets is yet another sincere way of the developers for putting a wholesome user experience first.