Ideas For Successfully Promoting A New Product Or Service

Rolling out a new product or service at your company is exciting and a great opportunity to increase your brand awareness and win over additional customers. The key to your success will be your marketing strategy and how much effort you put into getting the word out about your big announcement.Successfully Promoting A New Product Or Service

This is an excellent time to brainstorm and ignite the creative juices within your team. It’s a wise idea to gather a long list of possible ideas for how to successfully promote your new product or service and then start narrowing it down to what’s most feasible. Use the following suggestions to help get you started and thinking about what solutions you want to implement.

Identify Your Target Market

What’s going to help you achieve your goals the most with this project is to first identify your target market. You should know exactly who you’re selling to before you start advertising. This way you can use MailChimp’s email marketing templates to help you create a slew of various campaigns and messages that will go to the right people at the right time. You’ll want to have a solid idea of who you’re marketing to so you can tailor your content and images accordingly.

Engage with Your Audience Online      

Just about everyone is hanging out online these days, and this includes your customers. It’s a wise idea to engage with your audience online using a variety of methods including online advertising and social media. Post relevant and interesting content around your new product or service that gets people talking and causes them to want to click and learn more. Consider dishing out a few details in your initial message and making them visit your webpage to seek out additional information.

Host Face-to-Face Events

Sometimes the best way to get a customer interested in your product or service is to provide them with a memorable experience. Host face-to-face events and demonstrations to help your target market better understand what it is you’re selling and why they need it in their lives. Provide food, fun and let them truly be hands-on with your new rollouts so they can see for themselves what the hype is all about. Also, use this as a and way to build up your contacts list.

Offer Freebies

Most consumers are quick to respond to a call to action when they hear the word free or complimentary. Announcing a new product or service your company has in the works is the perfect time to create excitement around what you’re doing, and not charging people to check it out will attract even more interest. A few ideas include handing out free merchandise at a local event, distributing online freebie codes or advertising a buy one get one free limited time offer.


Use these suggestions to your advantage as you begin setting out to promote your new product or service to your customers. It’s a wise idea to stick with a few best practices that have been known to work time and time again. However, this is also your chance to think outside the box and do what’s never been done as well.