HVLS Fans: What are the Benefits?

What is an HVLS Fan? HVLS stands for High Volume, Low Speed, meaning that these fans move larger amounts of air at a slower speed. In fact, HVLS fans are said to use less than six times the amount of energy needed to power traditional high speed fans. The obvious benefit of installing modern HVLS fans is the reduction of heating and cooling costs in industrial spaces. For agricultural warehouses and greenhouses, temperature control is especially important to protect the products growing and living in these spaces. These large fans reduce stress of HVAC systems, making them more efficient as well as minimizing humidity and condensation. HVLS Fans

However, saving money isn’t the only positive result. HVLS fans help businesses to reduce usage of fossil fuels, which reduces the amount of harmful greenhouse gases emitted into our atmosphere and negatively impacting the environment. Today, most consumers are making environmentally conscious purchasing decisions, so upgrading to HVLS fans will demonstrate your business’ commitment to be environmentally friendly to your customers and clients. 

With a variety of products listed online, it can be difficult for business owners to choose the most efficient system for their unique space. One company that makes HVLS fan shopping easy is Refresh Fans. Not only do they provide extensive information in their blog, but they also guide their clients towards solutions for each specific situation, making sure that the product matches your exact needs. The EQ range of fans is especially impressive, made with robust steel structure for longevity, integrated EMC filters to prevent electromagnetic interference from other devices, and a maintenance free motor. Best of all, EQ Fans have a gearless motor and special airfoil design that creates silent operation. With this product, there will be no more annoying noise to distract employees or customers.

In addition to helpful product information, the website even features a video demonstrating exactly how their installation process works. Adding this service ensures that the fans are installed properly in industrials structures and maintains important safety standards. Each blade of every fan is meticulously installed with care and detail, so you can feel assured that these fans will deliver optimum results for your business.

Whether you’re trying to keep people, animals, plants or sensitive products in the optimum temperature, or you want to upgrade your facilities to more environmentally friendly standards, HVLS fans are a great solution for industrial businesses. Check out Refresh Fans’ blog for more in depth articles on how HVLS works and the benefits of environmental solutions for your business and our global communities.