How To Sync Your Shared Google Calendar on Your iPhone

Shared Google Calendar on Your iPhoneThere are many tools available for iPhone users. Some of the tools like Google calenders, GIF maker online are very useful for day to day use. Google calendars are a convenient way to manage and effectively organize your activities. While Google lets you share your calendar to organize group activities, it truly becomes convenient only when you can sync it with your iPhone. This feature lets you access your shared calendars on the go. Your Android phone does this automatically, but for iPhones you need to sync it yourself. Normally the most straightforward way is to set up an Exchange account. This will sync everything, your email, calendar and contacts. But the drawback is that only your primary calendar will be visible. If you need to see your shared calendars you need to make some more effort. These steps are quite simple to synchronize for anybody. For this, all you have to do is to follow the steps explained below.

Step1: In the first step you just need to connect your iPhone with Google. Linking Google with iPhone is must as all further steps are dependent on this step only.

Step 2: Now, you need to take your iPhone and open its Settings app, which is generally available to create set up between your available apps and iPhone hardware structure.

Step 3: After opening Settings app of your iPhone select available options Mail, contacts,Calenders, choose Add Account where you will find  registered email service providers like iCloud,Gmail,Yahoo,Hotmail etc.., from which you have to select Gmail option.

Step 4: There will be a form like page where you have to enter Gmail Login Information. Several Field options will be there like, Name, Address, Password and Description, you have to fill them in correctly, then press right side available Send Button for verification.

Step 5: After verification of your valid Gmail account Information you will get three other features like Mail, Calendars and Notes. Now make sure to select Calendar ON to sync.

Step 6: This is going to be your next step, in which you need to press right corner available Send Button to create sync between your iPhone and Calendar app, then Account Adding process will begin. Once it is executed, it will display that your account has been added successfully.

Step 7: In this step you have to check whether execution was successful or not. You can do this by opening Calendar App of your iPhone where you will find that now sync between both has been done successfully.

Step 8: This will sync your primary calendar to your device. If you want to sync any additional calendars go to the following page-

From here you can select the calendars that you want to sync, and then just click Save.


This is the easiest way to connect both important apps of different devices smoothly. Calendars are essential these days and if you have an iPhone then via sync you should connect your Google Calendar with iPhone. This will make it portable, alive and available in all circumstances and let you be prompt with all your schedules.

About the Author – This guest post was provided by Liam Jonson, an experienced forex trader and binary broker.