How To Save Money When Buying a Car

Buying a new car is usually a pleasant experience that most of us look forward to. But it can also be a minefield for potential issues as far as spending money is concerned. Just think about the variation in prices for what seems to be the same car and you will soon start to see the bigger picture. It is possible to save a considerable amount of money if you approach this task with the right preparation and attitude. We have researched the whole new car buying process and have 5 proven techniques that should make the whole experience as economical as possible for you.Save Money When Buying a car


Many main dealers will offer a certified pre-owned program to their potential customers and this usually equates to a pretty slick deal. If you have your heart set on a Used Toyota you should speak to a car showroom that offers a CPO for these vehicles. You can save thousands on a nearly new car with the guarantee of after sales service and a verified car history also. Typically, these will share the same styling and specifications as a new model at a much more reasonable price.

Selling first

Although it is easy to trade in your car for a newer model, the fact is that you will not get a decent price. Saving time is all well and good but if you make the effort, you can usually save a bundle by doing it yourself. If you are prepared to be both patient and thorough, the savings will be considerable. Dealers will always offer you a low price for your car as they know you will be keen to drive away in something newer. So, take your time and you may soon be driving around in a much newer Toyota Rav4 with some extra cash in your pocket.


Although those top range cars are so lovely to drive around in, try and look into the medium range ones first. Quite often they will be very well equipped and without that high price tag. You may be sacrificing a little luxury but at least you will have some money left over at the end of the day.


If you look at the stock that your chosen dealer holds onsite, you could be getting a real bargain. By doing this instead of placing a bespoke order, you can quite often get a good price. Look at the available cars actually held in stock before making up your mind as you can quite often find almost exactly what you are looking for. This often leads to a notable saving and you may even be able to bargain them into an even lower price.

Finance and Insurance

If you are rushing into a deal for a new or newer car, remember to pay special attention to the small print. The dealer may be offering what seems like a good deal, but that finance agreement could hold a nasty surprise.

Follow these tips and you should be able to buy the right car at the right price for you. Spend a little extra time following these points and your new ride will be exactly what you wanted without any added headaches.