How to Save Money By Maximizing Your Storage Space

Storage can be tricky if you live in a city or if you’re running an operation that requires a keen use of space, resources and money. Have you ever been in a place where you notice there is a complete lack of efficient use of space?save money on storage spaceToo often, people don’t utilize the room that they have and are left with a cluttered mess of stuff that seems to have no rhyme or reason to the way that it is placed about the room. It is disorienting, stressful, and nearly impossible to find anything.

Perhaps the biggest roadblock to maximizing storage space is a lack of vision, or perhaps it’s a lack of finances, but it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive to maximize a storage space. Here are some tips to maximizing storage and how it will actually save you money.

Have Furniture That Pulls Double Duty

A simple way to save money and also maximize your storage is to be smart with your purchases. Don’t take up valuable space by having both a bed and a dresser, or both an ottoman and a chest for blankets or other knick knacks that need to be hidden away.

Buy pieces that will give you two for the price of one. Purchase a bed that has storage underneath, or even a bed that doubles as a dresser. Buy an ottoman that is also a chest that will hide away whatever it is you don’t want seen all the time.

Buy finding this kind of furniture, you’ll save yourself money and space that can be used on something far more pressing.

Make Use of Wall Space

Don’t think in such lateral terms. Storage is not only the space that is available in a corner, across the floor, or in a closet. The space on the walls is just as important. Most people have a good 10 feet of wall space on each side of them. Times that by 4 walls per room…the space can actually add up very quickly.

You may need to gather the right tools to be able to place shelving, decorative pieces, or extra storage where it needs to be on the wall, but the effort is well worth it. If you make use of the space you have inside your home, you’ll save money by not having to purchase a storage unit to keep all of your stuff in.

Use Your Bookcase Properly

Who says that a bookcase has to hold books? People nowadays rarely own enough books to fill up a shelf, let alone an entire bookcase, so maximize it by filling it up with other things. Don’t use up valuable counter space by polluting it with picture frames, bottles of wine, glassware or other decorative items, place them on your bookshelf instead and watch as your home magically feels larger and significantly more organized.

There you have it. Storage doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to be smart. Luckily, you don’t have to come up with the idea. Just do a little research and the DIY storage ideas will have you feeling excited and antsy to transform your space into an OCD dream.