How to Properly Secure a Construction Site

Have you ever wondered, how big are the construction industry losses caused by theft, vandalism, or fire? While the final sum varies from year to year, it’s not that rare to see only construction theft hit staggering $1 billion.Properly Secure a Construction SiteIf you own or manage a construction site, its security should be your ultimate priority, all the more so, some people never stop looking for treats on the house in the form of high-value vehicles and expensive equipment. To avoid unpleasant surprises, make every effort to secure your construction site properly. Here are the most important things you have to do.

Light Your Construction Site Up

Even though the idea of setting up security lightning sounds pretty obvious, the great bulk of construction sites cannot brag of proper illumination. The point is to cover the entire perimeter without leaving „dead’ corners or dark areas attractive for intruders. Make sure, it cannot be easily accessed and disabled by vandals, and also be mindful of the neighborhood – nobody wants to stay awake the whole night because of your wrongly positioned lightning.

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Set Up Security Cameras

Setting up security cameras at your construction site is not a luxury but a must, and despite what you may think it doesn’t cost a heck of a lot of money. What’s more, in the blog post titled “Mobile Video CCTV Surveillance & Security for Residential Construction Sites” you can clearly see that the majority of construction site managers who have installed CCTV have found the cost absolutely worthwhile. Designed to facilitate monitoring a large portion of a site with a single camera, they are durable, reliable, and can be easily moved from one place to another.

Extremely easy to set up, they work miracles, keeping bad guys away from your construction site. In the case, something does happen, police can take advantage of the footage, significantly boosting your chances to get restitution.

Install Quality Fence

Generally, it is recommended to install a fence, which is at least 7.5 ft tall, meaning it cannot be easily jumped. Naturally, it is very important, the fence goes around the entire construction site, leaving no single gap. To make the most of your money, look for a fence that is uncomplicated to dismantle, so you can transport it to another site when there is a need.How to secure a construction side

Develop Security Plan That Works

A complex task intended to address all security measures and issues, a security plan involves the whole team of people working on the project. Naturally, you should develop it in advance and determine who is in charge of dealing with the police or insurance company if something happens. Make sure, all the employees know the rules, as well as the name of the person they should contact if they have any concerns regarding security or safety.

Property damage and replacement of expensive equipment can cost you a fortune, that’s why it is essential to properly secure your construction site. Simply let modern technologies do the job for you and enjoy peace of mind anytime and anywhere.