How to Prevent Dog Bites

Dogs are our faithful buddies. Dog parents will tell you that their pet has brought so much joy and peace to their lives, they wouldn’t know what to do without them. However, dogs can be a cause of trouble, especially if one bites.Prevent Dog Bites

Dogs bite to protect themselves. Whether you own a dog or not, it is important to learn how to stop a dog from biting.

So, what happens if your neighbor’s dog bites your child? The first thing to do is to see a doctor, inform the owner and contact a dog bite attorney. Dog bite attorneys understand New York dog bite laws and they will help you get compensation for the damages and injuries caused.

Teaching Your Dog Not to Bite

As the owner, you are responsible for training your dog against biting. This is because you will be held liable for any damages caused by your dog. The below tips will help you keep your dog from biting.

1. Training

Dogs learn from training. If you got your dog as a puppy, start training them against biting at a very young age. Continue with the training throughout the dog’s life. Each stage is different and requires reinforcement to build on the previous lessons.

2. Socialize Your Dog Early

Dogs feel threatened in the presence of new people. For this reason, socialize your dog from a tender age. Let the dog meet new people and assure them it is okay. Allow your dog to meet children, senior citizens, and disabled people so that it can get used to different types of people and circumstances.

Teach your dog to eat around people without feeling threatened. Many dogs will bite if you try to distract them during meal times. Feed it around people and let them learn to respond calmly to distractions.

3. Learn Its Body Language

You should be able to tell when your dog is agitated and about to bite. If your dog is aggressive towards some things, inform your guests of what to avoid.

Try to reassure and calm your dog. To prevent things from getting out of control, you can remove him from the upsetting situation.

4. Teach Your Dog Basic Commands

A dog that takes commands is disciplined and is easy to keep from trouble.

Reward it every time it responds to your commands or performs the desired behavior. One of the commands that will keep your dog out of trouble is the “come to me command.”

Also, incorporate non-aggressive games like fetch and encourage it to bite appropriate toys instead of nipping your hand.

Interacting With Other People’s Dogs

If you are interacting with another person’s dog, you should protect yourself from biting by doing the following.:

1. Learn the Warning Signs

A dog will not just bite out of nowhere. If a dog feels threatened by your presence, it will stare, flick its tongue, and flatten its ears back. Avoid making eye contact with a threatened dog because they will bite out of defense.

2. Seek Permission from the Owner Before Approaching Their Dog

The owner will give you the right approach and introduce yourself to the dog. If they are naturally aggressive, he or she will warn you against coming closer. Most dogs will want to investigate you by smelling your hands or legs before becoming comfortable around you.

3. Do Not Run from an Aggressive Dog

If you realize that the dog wants to bite, walk away slowly without making eye contact, but do not run. By running, you trigger their instinct to chase and most can catch up with you and bite.

Dogs Can Bite

Dogs do not bite because they are bad; rather, it is their natural instinct to protect themselves. As the owner, train your dog against biting, take it to the vet for vaccinations, and never miss its wellness checkups.