How to Pay LIC Premium Online with Registration

LIC is the only government-based life insurance company in India. It also happens to be one of the most popular insurance companies. The clients have trusted the company for generations upon generations. The company has made its presence felt online too introducing LIC online payment.Pay LIC Premium Online

LIC on the Internet

With the present fast paced world it doesn’t make sense that clients have to stand in queues or make calls to the customer care numbers for gathering information on policies. The corporation decided to make all its services available online too.

Official Website of LIC

The official web page of LIC: www.licindia[dot]in, all the client has to do is logging onto the given URL and get all the needed information at the tap of fingers instead of wasting time standing in long queues. The customers with not only be able to complete LIC online payment, but also be able to get answers to their questions on their policies, policy status, questions on premium payment, etc.

Online Transaction

Anyone can check about their account simply using their online credentials. LIC is allowed its customers the freedom to check their policy status and other related information. All customers, including registered and new users can exercise this freedom. In case a new user wishes to check their policy status, they need to register online first.

New User Registration to Check Policy Status

  • The user should visit the official website of LIC : licindia[dot]in and click on the LICs e-services After that they are supposed to choose the ‘New user’ option.
  • At the second step the user has to provide certain details on the insurance policy which includes policy number, date of birth, premium amount, etc in order to complete the registration steps. Once the details have been given, click on the Proceed button to continue.
  • With that the user has to create a ‘Username’ and ‘Password’ which will complete the registration procedure.
  • After this step, the user has to now login using the created credentials. Once the username and password has been entered, click on the ‘Submit’ button.
  • In order to view the details the user has to now enrol their policy. The user can do so by viewing the details of their policy from the ‘Enrol Policies’ which is present on the left hand part of the web page.
  • The user has to choose the ‘View Enrolled Policies’. User will have to verify the ‘Captcha’ in order to complete the process and view the status.

LIC Online Payment

The next step is to do online payment, the user can do so easily by following the given steps:

  • The user should login to the official web page of LIC: licindia[dot]in, and choose the ‘Online Services’ option. After that the user has to click on the ‘Pay Premium Online’ tab.
  • Following the step, the user will be taken to the page where they will be given two options – ‘Pay direct’ and ‘Pay Premium through e-Services’.
  • In case the user wishes to register and use ‘Pay Premium through e-Services’, then they must follow the given steps.
  • If the user has completed the registration process, they can proceed by choosing the ‘LIC Pay Premium Online’ tab and selecting the policy for which they wish to make the payment. Next the user has to choose the ‘Submit’ button.
  • ‘Captcha’ has to be verified.
  • After the step, the user has to choose ‘Pay Premium’.
  • After choosing the enrolled policy for which premium has to be paid, the user has to click on the ‘Submit’ button. Next the payment option has to be chosen, the available options are Credit Card, Debit Card and Net Banking.

The above steps make it easier for users to complete online payment.

Forgot Username or Password

People generally tend to misplace or forget their credentials. This doesn’t mean that all is lost and the user can’t use the registered account to do LIC online payment. This situation can be easily tackled by the following steps:

Forgotten Username:

  • Go to the official LIC web page, and click on ‘Forgot User ID’ tab.
  • In the same page, the user has to fill in the details like date of birth, premium account. Next the ‘Submit’ button can be clicked once the ‘Captcha’ has been verified.
  • With this procedure, the user can easily recover their ‘Username’.

Forgotten Password:

  • Go to the official LIC web page, and click on ‘Forgot Password’ link.
  • The user has to fill in the user ID, DOB, policy number and Premium amount. ‘Captcha’ to e verified.
  • The lost password can easily be recovered, once the above the steps have been completed and ‘Submit’ has been pressed.

Follow the above steps to complete LIC online payment successfully.