How to Help Your Children Start Their Career Successfully

One of the most crucial jobs of being a parent is to prepare our kids for the future. We all want our children to be able to function on their own and successfully navigate their way in the world.Help Your Children Start Their Career Successfully

A big part of that is finding the best career fit for each individual child. While it is not easy to help our children reach their career goals, it is a large part of our responsibility as parents.

Here are a few tips you can use to design your plan to help your child realize their career goals.

Tips for parents

 1) Teach kids about goal setting: There is no set age for teaching our kids about setting goals and defining steps to reach them, but there is a link between success and goal setting. You can start by asking them about something they would like to do and how they plan on achieving it. Show them how to define the steps they will need to accomplish to reach their goal. What things do they need to learn? Is there anything they can do today to get a little closer to that goal?

2) Start a work portfolio: Gather a collection of projects they have completed that shows off their skills or talents. You can add to it any certificates, achievements or recommendation letters they earn throughout their school years. Don’t forget to add report cards or other academic honors they get.

3) Save for their education: One key step that parents can take to help their children reach their goals is to give them a solid financial foundation. Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs), offered through organizations like Children’s Education Funds Inc. (CEFI), provide a convenient way for parents to save for their children’s post-secondary education. Moreover, organizations like CEFI are experienced in matching families with the right type of RESP that fits their investment needs.

4) Make them work: Whether it is chores at home or a part-time job after school, kids need to learn about hard work. There are so many lessons that come with working hard, including self-discipline and respect for the work of others. By allowing them to discover the benefits and the difficulties of working hard you will create a more independent and conscientious adult.

5) Teach them to love learning: From math to reading to research skills, imparting in a child a love of learning will help carry them far. We know that it is important our children learn to read and complete their homework on time, but we can take it further. As parents, we can help our kids by finding a topic they are interested in and helping them research it and discover new things along the way.

It’s about support

Essentially, parents who are engaged with their children and genuinely interested in helping them develop independence and a good work ethic are the ones who will see their children succeed. By teaching them to enjoy hard work, set goals and giving them a good financial foundation any parent will be able to help their children succeed in their career goals.