How to Edit DVD Files in iMovie

edit dvd files in imovieWelcome back to EarningDiary. If you are a Windows user, you may have not heard about what iMovie is? But if you are a Mac owner you definitely know this amazing product called iMovie.

Basically, what iMovie does is that it allows people to edit any videos (of course not any video format, only the iMovie format of videos – iMovie does support some of the popular formats but there are very few natively supported formats, thus users always need DVD to iMovie software to achieve their goals) and the most amazing thing about iMovie is how simple it is for anyone to use it both for a couple of videos and for dozens of videos, when that is the case.

You might wonder why you should edit any videos, since movies you prefer are already very well made and you can’t produce anything better than the original. However, the cases of different usages can occur often. Let’s present a couple of times you’d need iMovie’s features at:

  • You’ve been out with your friends, friends you only see once in a couple of years and then you made some videos. Since you did not take care of what and how was filmed, you want to do a simple editing, cutting out the boring or insignificant parts from all the short (or long) clips that have been filmed.
  • You could take your videos to a specialist, explain them what to edit and how to edit, but you simply don’t feel like paying extra money for simple video editing done by someone who has experience, knowing that with the right tools you could produce the same results or at times results that are way better.
  • You have a whole lot of family videos, special moments with you, your wedding, your parents, your children or anything else, like all the special moments that have been filmed in the family.

You’ve begun to realize the essence by now and it is not hard to tell that various situations demand DVD to iMovie conversions.

There are basic tools that offer the basic ways to convert your videos from DVD to iMovie, but simplistic software is not always a good choice. One example would be iSkysoft DVD Ripper which does offer basic conversion and does come with two versions of the software, one for Mac and another one for Windows.

However, the Aimersoft DVD to iMovie converter captured customer’s attention with its unique features. As far as the graphical interface of this Aimersoft program, it seems to be more intuitive and designed with a bit more care than other programs.

The Aimersoft DVD to iMovie converter only comes in the Mac format so that it can be installed on Mac machines, but that is completely logical from the user’s perspective. Now all of the videos that have been recorded on DVDs but not edited yet can be converted with Aimersoft DVD to iMovie and then you can work your magic in iMovie!

The very first steps of the conversion process include locating and loading the DVD video. DVD has a format which is not compatible with iMovie but thanks to DVD to iMovie solutions that won’t stop iMovie editing of these movies anymore.

Aimersoft DVD to iMovie converter then imports your DVD and has a nice and easy to use the built-in media player. Why does it have a media player when it’s not editing software but simple conversion software? It is very practical to see which videos you want to transfer.

To our amazement, Aimersoft DVD to iMovie offers functionality to cut out parts from videos or to even split or merge video before conversion. You can skip these functions if they are not required, but they are really useful when you want to shorten the time spent with iMovie.

Lastly you have to choose iMovie format as the output format with Aimersoft DVD to iMovie software. Then, you simply import the resulting files into iMovie and you can begin editing.