How to Create your personal Work place at Home?

After Covid 19, the importance of personal work place at home, increased a lot. So most of the time, if you work from home and thus are thinking of creating a small space for yourself that can look like a work place and allow you to concentrate on your work, without making you feel too much at home? Then this is the right place for you. Do not worry about lack of space, a little bit of planning and creatively will make room for a cosy work corner around your home.Personal Work place at Home

Here are few stylish, simple yet classy ideas that can help you create an office space at home.

1. Find some space: Select a small corner around your home that has very little furniture. Make sure it has proper light and ventilation. Also, to give yourself a peaceful environment, avoid setting it up near the kitchen.

2. Select your Colours: Now that you have selected your cosy corner, it’s time to paint it professional.

      • If you are a tech guy who needs a lot of focus and calculation, then a Blue colour is best suited for you.
      • For all creative minds, the colour that suits your type is either Red or Yellow
      • Those in the spiritual fraternity, who deal with online counselling, healing or other therapies, Purple is the colour for you.
      • However, if your work involves late nights, then the colour that would enable you to stay awake and focus would be Green.

Based on the type of profession, choose your colour and get the area painted. The right colour will surely make your work more productive and fun.

3. Get the Right Furniture: Now that the colours are in place, you need to pick the right furniture with lots of drawers that can store your files and other important documents and give you a comfortable space to relax and work. Most importantly, a nice and comfortable desk and chair is a must. A good chair will ensure that your back is comfortable and secured.

4. Add some Accessories: To keep your desk free of clutter and make it look spacious, add filing cabinets trays, paper organisers, pen holders and a few hangings to your room. This will make your things look organised. A softboard to pin notes and other information will really help. Moreover, if you want some privacy, adding curtains would also be a good idea. 

5. Add Photos and Goodies: With this your office space is almost ready, but then it is always recommended to make it a little personalised. So, around the walls add few quotes or pictures of your family or people whom you professionally admire. You can easily get these pictures printed from canvas prints; they are really good and quite reasonable. These digital pictures can be framed and hanged on the wall or even kept on the table. Try doing this and see how photos can add charm, inspiration and motivation to your workplace.

Work needs a perfect blend of environment and mindset, so even while you are at home, you need the right atmosphere to pull your mind out of the comfort and put it to work. Just like your home, this corner will also be a space that you would never want to leave.

So now just use the above-mentioned ideas and apply them to transform a corner of your home into a focussed work place.