How to Conduct Google Reverse Image Search?

The internet has undoubtedly made our lives easier in terms of research and accessibility of information. Search engines like Google have allowed us to look up for any information by just typing what we are interested in searching in the search box and voilĂ ! Tons of information will appear that matches the search result.Conduct Google Reverse Image Search

Technology has now become smarter with time. You can now not only retrieve information by using words or phrases but also through images. So, if you have a picture and you want to know what it is about, then Google reverse photo search plays its role here. All you need to do is upload the photo, and similar images, as well as information related to the search, will appear. This eliminates the need to guess keywords and specific terms that may not always return your desired results.

Google reverse image search works in two different ways. You can upload a picture directly on the search engine, or you can use any image search tools that are available online. The reverse image search tool works as a picture finder that looks up for the best results across the internet and provides you information through popular search engines in one place. This removes the hassle of searching for the same image on different search engines.

How Can the Google Reverse Image Search Tool Help?

If you own an online store, then Google reverse image search tools would particularly help you in your business. With this online tool, you can look up for the products of your online store and check if similar products are available from other sources. As a business owner, this would give you a competitive advantage as you will have an insight into how other brands are selling your product. Moreover, you will have a better understanding of the marketing strategies used by your competitor, and you may set up your trading tactics accordingly that helps you to stay afloat virtually.

You can use a reverse image search tool to learn more about the details of the product or the picture. For example, you have a picture of a car that you do not seem to recall the name of. In such a case, all you need to do is upload the image to the photo search tool, and it will return results with all the relevant details you are looking for.

More About Google Reverse image

The reverse Image search tool also helps photographers or artists to know whether others are using their work. For instance, you have produced your work in the form of a photo or art, and you want to reverse search the image to find out the same picture on the internet, then the image search tool will turn out to be useful here. The tool helps to reveal whether your content has been plagiarized or being used by someone else.

Through an image search tool, you can also look for the original and actual source of the picture. This way, you can give credit or reference to the original creator of the image.

On the other hand, you can find people using your photos through a search image tool and ask them to give you credit or create a link to your page. This is an excellent opportunity to build backlinks.

The tool not only helps to search for products but also helps to find people. Yes, you read it right! For instance, you meet someone at a party or your work and want to reach out to them, upload their picture, and through reverse images technology, you will come across identical images online.

Also, if you feel that the image you have is not getting your job done, then you may look up for more versions of the same image. This will help you find a picture of better quality, different sizes, and the right format.

How to Use Google Reverse Search Using a Phone and PC?

These reverse image search tools can be accessed through both phone or PC and are available for free. So, no matter which device you use to look up for the results, you will not come across any compatibility issues.

If you have received a picture on your phone and want to know more about it, you can search for the image using any android or iOS smartphone. In iOS or Android, you have to open up safari or any other browser and access google search by image, upload the picture from the photo gallery and scan through the results.

Picture search on a PC is also easy and can get you results in a matter of seconds. Using the browser, you need to paste the URL of the image you have seen online or upload the picture from your computer drive or cloud storage or drag an image from another window.


All these tools have made extremely convenient and has dramatically helped to simplify the online search. Whether you want to find out more information about a picture or you want to track down the source of the image, reverse image search is the solution to your needs.