How to Achieve Fitness on A Dime

Gym memberships are usually pretty pricey. Maybe that’s what keeps so many from joining. Though that’s probably not the real reason, it could play a part in why people are unable to reach the pinnacle of their fitness dreams.Achieve FitnessHealth requires a person to be committed. Though health foods don’t need to be expensive, if you’re going to buy them from a market, they often are. Gyms cost an arm and a leg to be a part of every month, and while they’re not bad to be a part of, they’re not necessary to have to be able to achieve your fitness goals, either.

If you’re looking to ramp up your health and fitness plan but you can’t afford the steep membership prices or the inflated price tags on the organic fruits and veggies at the grocery market, here are ways you can be fit and fabulous on a dime:

Grow A Garden

This much is easy. Produce might be pricey at the store, but why pay for food when you can grow organic produce right in your own yard? Don’t have a backyard? That’s not necessarily an excuse, either. If you have a porch, you can create little planter boxes and make your own garden without putting it in the physical ground. People do it all the time. People build gardens on cement rooftops, for goodness sake.

If you don’t know how to garden, take a class, ask questions, or look up some tutorials online. It’s easy, it’s fresh, it will save you bundles of money, and it will greatly help you achieve your goals of being fit and lean.

Shop For Supplements On Sale

There is a world of product out there for you to try. Why do you have to go with the brand that is ridiculously overpriced when you can shop around for great product that’s on sale? Do research to know what kind of supplements and fitness products are good for you, and read the labels before you buy, but in any case, shop sales and promotions, and buy in bulk when you do find those sales. You’ll be fed forever and you’ll not have to buy food at the store every week.

Do Youtube Workout Videos

There is no reason for you to spend a fortune on a gym membership every month. During the nice weather, outside is your gym, and any other time, you can workout in your own home. If you have a computer and access to Youtube, you can get great workout videos for free that will challenge you and make you sweat. Do some 8 minute buns and abs one day and try something else another. You’ll never run out of videos to try, so the routine will always be fresh and never boring.

Take rest days from exercise. Workouts put repetitive stress on the body, which can lead to microtraumas. These minor injuries typically heal with rest. Other than rest, you can also apply kinesiology tape on affected areas to reduce pressure on tissues and support muscles to keep them from overextending or overcontracting.