How to Ace a Virtual Interview?

The onset of the global health crisis has changed many workforce processes that no one would have anticipated. It has had a significant influence on the talent acquisition process too. Ace a Virtual Interview

If you are job hunting after the wake of the pandemic, how have you been attending the interviews these days? It has to be either a video call or audio call, the former being the highly practiced one.

Across the world, the virtual interview has now become a new normal for any business with the outbreak of covid-19.

The virtual hiring process helps an organization continue to stay productive in the face of unprecedented challenges and ensures that the business, as usual, is unaffected.

As you read along, you will be learning how you can stand out during your following virtual interview process.

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According to research conducted by the Harvard Business Review team, out of seventy-two percent of the candidates who did not bag the offers, nearly eighty percent were noted to be distracted, appeared to be reading a script, or couldn’t engage their recruiters.

Contrarily, candidates who bagged the offer were the ones who displayed confidence, possessed a solid virtual presence, establish a good rapport with the interview panel, and were communicate quickly and clearly.

Would you love to be like the later ones?

Then here is the roadmap!

Set Up Your Space

The virtual interview gives you the liberty to wear PJs on the bottom and formal clothes on top. Have you ever done this in your interviews? I guess you did!

However, your liberty is limited to what is not covered in the 9*16 screen of your desktop or laptop. When you are sitting in a virtual meeting, you get minimal opportunities to instill the conversation with your emotions and individuality.

Hence, ensure that you present yourself well with a clean background.

Check Your Lighting

During your video call, ensure to light yourself from the front; this will allow the recruiters to view you in the best light viable.

Run a Speed Test

I highly recommend you run an internet speed test and make sure that your internet connection is working at maximum speed at the time of your meeting. If you have poor internet, you wouldn’t have proper communication, and it may create a wrong impression among the interview panel for your unpreparedness.

Remember to check the upload speed as you are going to upload your video.

Familiarize Yourself With the Platform

If you have not used the platform chosen for your interview before, you must download the interface and familiarize yourself with the features by making mock calls with your friend or family member.

Do More Practice

With good practice you can you would be able to maintain a reasonable speaking rate. According to the Harvard Business Review, the ideal speaking rate is 115 words per minute.

When you maintain a steady number of words per minute, take time to pause before essential points, you will be able to connect with the interviewer quickly.

Final Thoughts

Whether you love it or not, remote hiring (virtual interview) is here to stay. And, when you follow the tips shared in this article, it would help if you put in efforts to stand out in the interview and bag the offer.