How Your Money Controls Your Life, And How To Get Control Back

They say money can’t buy you love, or happiness, but it can sure be the cause of broken hearts and stress. It can be a controlling factor in your life. You need money for nearly everything, from food to clothing.How Your Money Controls Your Life

If you have health issues you need money to heal. If you have a roof over your head you need money to pay your rent or your mortgage. They say the best things in life are free, but you wouldn’t be around to enjoy the free ones if it weren’t for the money you do have to spend.

Use The Internet

The internet gives you one way to get better control of your money. For one thing, it offers up so many more options for shopping and price comparison. Even if you don’t want to shop online you can plan your shopping online with the use of the internet and store ads.

You can do all of your banking online these days, without every really needing to set a foot into a bank. You can transfer money from one bank to another, and even deposit checks with a picture with your smartphone.

There is also software online that can help with your finances and save you from the stress of wishing you had a personal accountant.You’ll be able to track the money that you have going out while comparing it to what you have coming in. You will even be able to set up reminders and save all of the info you need to do your taxes each year.

Download Apps

Try out some apps that can help you be more in control of your money. Shopping apps can help you get the best deals around town, and even offer coupons. You can also find apps that tell you the best place to get gas for the cheapest price.

You can pay insurance through phone apps, and even submit claims if an accident happens. You can bank through apps. In fact, you can do pretty much everything through an app that you can do on the internet or in person, and maybe more.

Set Reminders

Find a good calendar app that connects with your other apps, and such. This can be a benefit that allows you to set reminders to email or text you when a bill is due, or when it’s time to send your invoice for work. This beats a paper calendar any day, since you’ll have reminders even when you’re nowhere near home.

You can also get reminders and notifications from credit and debit cards. Set them up to remind you about payments or to alert you when your account has gotten down to a certain amount of money so that you don’t overdraft.