How Food Giants Are Increasing Their Brand Value With Customer Surveys?

The fast-food service industry has been growing rapidly across the globe over the last few decades. In accordance with the rising consumption level almost in all developed and developing countries, customers care increasingly about their food choices, quality and the overall service provided by these giant food brands. As a result it is becoming essential for these brands to check the quality of their products and services regularly to stay competitive, retain loyal customers and also to increase their brand values. These brands are expanding their business by using the franchise model resulting in the increase of the necessity to conduct customer satisfaction surveys to maintain quality and brand value.Food giants are increasing their brand

In order to compete with other food restaurants and generate greater profit, food companies must pay more attention to price, service quality, food quality, and physical environment. Of these four factors, price is the most critically influential. Price may reflect service quality and even change customers’ purchasing behavior. It can influence customers’ perception of restaurant quality. These quality dimensions like service, food, and physical environment of a restaurant are crucial determinants of customer satisfaction. Maintaining customer satisfaction is very important because it can lead to repeat customers and increased sales. A great amount of research in the service marketing field has focused solely on customer satisfaction and loyalty. Through a good dining experience, customers may improve their quality of life and increase their happiness. A delightful dining experience can entice customers to revisit a restaurant. Investigating the role of customer satisfaction is significantly necessary for the food service industry.

Once you start knowing what the customers’ requirements are, it becomes relatively easy to serve your customers better by providing those features in your product and service. It is also helpful to retain customers, since they won’t go elsewhere to enjoy their meals when a food giant is doing exactly what they expect from it.

So it can be said that feedback is crucial. But the question is how do one get it? So we have provided here how top brands get the feedback from their customers effectively.

Different kinds of surveys and their details

  • Panda Express Survey:

Panda Express Restaurant Officials collect all its fellow customers’ genuine opinions. So, for that, they have established a portal with the name PandaExpress.Com/Feedback. So, one can visit the Panda Express Survey Portal and give their feedback which helps the organization to better serve its loyal customers.

All Panda Express customers can visit the panda express feedback survey and share their opinions (Pros & Cons). Also, you can win a Pandaexpress.Com/Feedback Free Entree Item in return for your survey participation.

Also anybody can call them using the phone number provided in the website and tell them their valuable feedback.

Panda Express Survey Code is valid only for 2 Days or 48 Hours. Visit the Pandaexpress.Com/Feedback (panda express feedback official site) within the prescribed time.

Whether one have the Survey Code or Store Number, you can take the Panda Express Survey 2020. A receipt is a must & should complete the Panda Express/Feedback Survey.

  • mcd Voice Survey:

 McDonald’s provides an awesome opportunity to enjoy the free delicious meals on the McDonald’s restaurant by just answering some questions of the McDonald’s Voice Survey. McDonald’s Voice Survey is one of the most commendable efforts by McDonald’s to interact with the customers directly and analyses their services and modify them if needed.

McDonald’s Voice Survey is available in two languages i.e. English and Spanish. You can choose whichever language is comfortable for you to complete the survey and stand a chance to win rewards. But, please note that McDonald’s Voice Validation Code will be assigned only after the successful completion of this McDonald’s Survey.

The sole purpose behind the launch of this survey is to get honest and perfect feedback and opinions from the customers in order to improve continuously and enhance the satisfaction level of the customers.  This online survey has been of the most efficient methods for McDonald’s to resolve the issues of customers all over the globe.

  • Global Subway Survey:

 The subway restaurant chain wants to gather precise opinions and feedbacks from its visitors in the form of a survey campaign. In return you can win Free Cookie or Small Fountain Drink or other exiting rewards.

To share all the opinions of the visitors of the restaurant, Subway has a website portal i.e.  Global.Subway.Com. The survey is known as Subway Listens Survey.

A receipt is a must to participate in the survey, so, keep your purchase receipt safe. Also, the receipt must not be older than 5 days. Moreover, the only to take the survey is an online entry.

They offers the survey in two different languages i.e. English and Spanish which helps to reach more customers effectively.

  • My KFC Experience Survey:

 Kentucky Fried Chicken or KFC is one of the largest fast-food restaurant chains in the world with more than 20,000 outlets all around the globe.

In order to make their services even better and to get a look inside the customers’ minds, KFC started the survey. In this survey, the customers can answer some questions based on their dining experience at KFC. It really helps the Brand to reach more customers and effectively addressing their feedback. There are some pre-requisites of the survey which we have mentioned here.

You will need to access the official My KFC Experience Survey website in order to participate in the survey. Customers who have participated in the My KFC Experience Survey will be able to redeem their code. They have to present the code at the restaurant at the time of their next visit and they stand a chance to win exciting rewards, discounts and cashback from it

  • My CFA Visit Survey:

Chick-Fill-A or CFA has its survey to get consistent feedback from the customers and it understands the importance of a proper survey. Like other food giants like KFC, McDonald’s, Subway, CFA also understands the need for customer satisfaction and experience survey.

The organization is always concerned about the satisfaction and pleasure of the customers and it strives to achieve best results in its premises to meet excellent standards. They know very well that the lack of quality of the services, or lack in quality of food will take a toll on the mind of their valuable customers. Thus, Chick-fil-A has made itself accompanied by some great customer service. My CFA Visit Customer Support is extremely efficient and hard-working that tries its best to satisfy the customers by solving their issues.

CFA returns the favor by giving some free stuff to each customer who completes the survey successfully.


Customers’ perception of product, atmospherics, and service are closely related to their emotions (both positive and negative), and behavioral intentions based on the consumption experience in the restaurants. Ambient elements (such as sound, smell, taste, touch), design elements (such as store decoration and layout), and social elements (such as interaction with the staff) can extensively impact customers behavior. It can also be seen that a high food and service quality, along with a comfortable atmosphere, are very important to a restaurant because it may contribute to a higher satisfaction level and even influence customers’ subsequent behavior in the food service industry.

So creating a proper survey with customer friendly and appropriate questionnaire is nowadays very important for large food brands. It helps the brands in not only improving their services but also advertise their product resulting in a marketing gain without any large expenditure.

As almost all the big players in the food industry know these facts they even rewards the customers for participating in their surveys and it ultimately benefits the brands. In this era of tough competition among multinational food chains, thus creating a system of proper feedback through online and offline surveys are absolutely necessary for the giant food brands.