How Digital Forensics Could Help You

The term digital forensics covers several areas that could help you to prove who has committed a crime against you or to prove you were not at fault for a situation. Where digital dilemmas and cybercrimes are concerned, time is of the essence, and this is where the experts in these matters can assist. Here are just a few suggestions of digital problems, and how forensics may be the answer.Digital forensics

Computer Crimes

Computer crimes are one of the biggest worries for business owners, especially if they store customer data. Hackers and cybercriminals are attacking companies all the time, but they also hack into the computers of individuals. Companies that provide services such as digital forensics Cleveland based, along with other states in the US, may be able to track who unlawfully accessed a computer, their location and even which computer they did used.

As technology has made computers part of our daily lives, we leave a trail of digital information no matter what we are doing online. Computer forensics can be used as evidence in a court as long as the information has been preserved and can be shown to be reliable and authentic.

Mobile Devices

The explosion in mobile devices means that most people now have a smartphone, a tablet, a flash drive, memory card or use GPS. With mobile forensics, any device can be made to reveal its secrets, even if it is broken and no longer in working order. People often assume that if they delete a message or email, it is gone forever. But that is not the case. The experts in mobile forensics can find anything that has passed through a digital device including social networking, SMS and MMS messages, call history, pictures, videos, recorded messages and much more.

Vehicle Accidents

It is not unusual for two drivers to blame each other after an accident on the roads. This can lead to delays with insurance companies and cost time, money and inconvenience. All cars have on-board systems that track the movements and other data related to the vehicle. Automotive forensic experts’ study these in detail, as well as examining different parts of the vehicle. If you need to prove your side of the story because of criminal proceedings or a civil case, an automotive forensic exam could be the way to achieve it.

By the same token, insurance companies will employ forensic experts to prove fraud or that their insured driver was not at fault.

The Advances That Have Helped

It is the advances in technology that have brought digital forensics into being, and all the time the methods are getting more sophisticated, reliable, and worthwhile. With some systems on a car, for instance, digital forensics will even tell when the door was opened and where the car has been.  With computer and mobile crimes, digital forensics can help to track the perpetrators, and that is something that was not possible just a few short years ago.

If you are the victim of a crime or an accident, digital forensics is here to help you.