How Can Your Dispensary Benefit From a Pre Roll Machine?

Cannabis pre roll sales increased by 50% in 2020 in spite of the pandemic, greatly outperforming the wider industry. It seems that this will be a critical growth sector of the recreational cannabis industry for years to come.Get Benefit From a Pre Roll Machine

Any dispensary looking to flourish in these tough times needs to take advantage of this and provide high-quality pre rolled joints. What better way to do this than by investing in an efficient new pre roll machine?

Why Do People Care About Pre Rolls?

Rolling a good joint takes time, effort, and skill. If someone is lacking in any of these departments, then the easiest solution is to simply buy pre rolled joints.

The convenience of this ready-to-go product is worth the extra expense. Bearing this in mind, if cannabis retailers can make the production of these goods cheap and efficient, then they can expect to enjoy significant profit margins. That is where the pre roll machine comes in.

What Is a Pre Roll Machine?

This handy contraption automates the cone filling process. You get lots of well-rolled joints and in return, you can spend your time doing other important jobs to benefit your business. This is a clever investment to modernize your dispensary and send profits soaring.

Wave goodbye to the inefficient process of using a handheld cone filler and say hello to your revolutionary new fully automated pre roll machine.

To give you an idea about just how effective these things are, take the Roll Pros Blackbird as an example. This magnificent piece of machinery will produce upwards of 750 perfectly rolled joints per hour. It only takes one person to operate it and you have full control over how the joint is rolled.

Important Points to Remember

If you make pre rolls a central part of your business plan, there are a number of crucial details to bear in mind.

Many people distrust pre rolls because they worry the dispensary is trying to shift stale or low-quality ingredients. Make sure you never do this, and you will establish a sense of trust and loyalty with your customers.

Pre rolls are ruined if they are not stored in airtight containers. Seal them away right after you produce them and sell them in small tubes to keep them fresh.

Get Your Automated Blunt Roller Today 

The benefits you will reap if you invest in a pre roll machine are immeasurable. Analysis of the recreational cannabis market points to pre rolls as the future of the industry. The numbers don’t lie.

Now that you are up to speed, it’s time to act. If you do not, your dispensary will be left behind and your business will be playing catch-up to its competitors for a generation.

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