A Guide on Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting involves a client purchasing a web host’s services and reselling the resources to customers. A reseller may rent shared or dedicated server space. This guide explains what reseller hosting is, what its advantages are, and how to choose the right hosting company.

Reseller hosting

What is Reseller Hosting?

A reseller client can sign-up for an account with a host that offers all the resources required for the reseller to support their own customers. The service will provide admin level access to the reseller through a control panel so that they can fully control and manage their customers, billing and payment, services, and handling inquiries.

So if you are signing up for the best reseller web hosting account, you will be able to offer your own hosting packages to your customers. You can set the limits on the resources for different packages and the respective prices. As a reseller, you will not have to worry about managing the hardware, software, security and networking aspects of your business. You should be concerned all about the sales and support service.


Reseller hosting services are typically more affordable and allow web designers/developers to serve end-users with lower budget to host their website or blog. There is a vast market out there for such affordable web hosting services and if you can do it right, it can prove to be a good business model.

There are many advantages of becoming a reseller:.

  • You will not need to have extensive technical expertise in web hosting.
  • The servers are maintained by the web hosting company. Everything including downtime, hardware, and upgrades are managed by the web host, not the reseller.
  • You can setup your reseller business from anywhere.


Usually, the host will charge the reseller on a per client basis. Then there are hosts that allow resellers to choose from different packages. Some of the features that make best reseller web hosting solutions are as following:

  • This service being white labelled. the reseller can create and offer their own brand of hosting. The customers will not be able to see the parent hosting provider’s name.
  • You can create own plans and configure accounts based on your needs.
  • Offer features similar to what have been offered to you by the parent host.

Choosing the Best Reseller Web Hosting Solution

If you have a good business sense and want to begin a business without a big budget, you should look for reseller web hosting. Most of the companies offering such services make it easier for their potential clients to start. Follow these tips to choose the right company:

  • Create a list of the web hosting companies that offer reselling hosting services
  • Shortlist the companies with excellent reputation in the market. The success of your reseller business model will depend on the quality of resources and services provided by the parent host company. So make sure to choose the right company.
  • Choose the package based on the number of customers your company will have. Keep both current and future prospects in mind.
  • You should also compare the different packages to find which one will be best for your needs and budget.
  • Decide the packages or plans you will be offering to your customers. This factor will affect your choice of reseller hosting.
  • Decide the price for the different packages. Some resellers may also offer hosting solutions as valued added services to some other service they are already offering.
  • Make sure to follow the parent host’s guidelines when setting up your packages.

Once you have chosen the best reseller hosting service, you will have to promote your business to grow your customer base. Provide excellent support to your customers to ensure that they are satisfied with your services.

Creating the reseller web hosting model is simple, but you have to ensure that you are making the right choices. It is important that you choose the best platform available within your budget that provides you with all the tools required to succeed, based on your level of expertise. So make sure to consider all the above-mentioned points before you choose to become a reseller.

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