Great Online Profiles Inspire Readers to Learn More

One of the great features of the internet is the online profile. While seemingly straightforward in purpose, a great online profile can be the key to inspiring readers, potential employers, the media, and employees to learn more about an individual. With all the technological advantages people have at their disposal each and every day, something as simple as webpage to anchor all the available information about an individual in one place can be indispensable. Kenny Slaught Investec Real Estate founder offers up just enough information in his online profile to inspire further research into the different factors of his life and his accomplishments. The need to learn more and simplifying the process is what separates a great profile from a traditional one.Inspire ReadersReaders

Casual readers can be anyone coming across the profile in a general internet search, students researching a company, or just about any other non-specific visit to the page. The words and accomplishments work together to produce a story about an individual that intrigue readers to spur further research. Use of general highlights and a great picture are important, because they hint at the things to follow. Instead of rehashing what has already been published on other pages, simply offering up tidbits of information can drive readers to learn more.

Potential Employers

Perhaps the biggest focus of online profiles comes from potential employers. Job candidates need to put enough information on the page, and enough links to back up that information, that employers delve deeper into the individual. Instead of using several different sites to rehash the same information, including a link in a resume to a central page is a great way to keep important and relevant accomplishments from becoming fragmented on the internet. After all, keeping the learning process simple is a demonstration of mastery of the internet, which many employers love.

The Media

Media personalities, bloggers, and writers regularly search the internet for information on a specific individual or company. Therefore, providing a solid base of information and linking to other sources is a great way to offer up a background, an overview of experience, and a peek into the mystique of a person. Driving media professionals to learn new things is not an easy task, but a well-written profile is something that can tip the scales into the favor of the individual.


Mangers, executives, and other top level officers can also put online profiles to good use. By offering up some personal details about hobbies, activities, and accomplishments, individuals can put a human face to a name regularly on display in a company or organization. When employees have a grasp on the specific personality involved, the confidence of the workforce grows. That resulting confidence can lead to enhanced productivity, which can help out the bottom line.

In the end, a great online profile inspires readers, potential employers, media professionals, and employees to learn more about a specific individual. In a world where communication and research are largely completed with the aid of the internet, harnessing the available tools and putting them in a single place can go a long way in making the search more effective. An effective and simplified process can make a huge difference in the continual improvement of a person or organization.