Great News From Paypal For Indians

paypal for indiansIf you are an Indian and you have not verified paypal then there is great news from paypal for you.Now you can verified your PayPal, with your bank account.So now you don’t have to purchase VCC with risk.Using VCC to verify your PayPal is not legal. If PayPal find later your account will be put into limitation. You are also free from the hassle of adding credit card information to get your account verified.Just add all your bank details-your name,bank name and IFSC code of the branch and click to submit the request.They will send two small accounts to your bank account through NEFT. Then check your bank account and enter the correct amounts in your paypal account to complete the verify process.

Why you should verified your paypal?
If you are unverified, you are limited to withdrawing a maximum of US$ 500 per month.Another advantage of  verifying your account in paypal will help you to get money within couple of days to your bank account.No need to wait for more than 15 days.

There is also a bad news for Indian PayPal users. Paypal block all personal payments from  and to India. Not only this,transfer to banks in India also suspended.The suspension began on Jan 28th. PayPal did not give any prior notice before doing that.The reason behind the sudden decision is due to a conflict between the PayPal and RBI. PayPal spokes person Mr. Anuj Nayar stated in his blog post that “During this time,customers can still make commercial payments to India but merchants can’t withdraw fund in Rupees to local Indian banks”. We hope PayPal will resolve the situation very soon.

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