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Can you believe that you can actually receive instant cash from your gold without undergoing hectic and time consuming formalities? Well, if you are associated with the most trusted and ever increasing Gold loan portfolio, then it is indeed going to be the reality.

Gold LoanThe Muthoot Group, a 127 years old company with national and international reach, showcases the extent of commitment and trust which reputed customers have in it. Since, whopping 80,000 people use its advanced and professionalized service on daily basis. It just takes few minutes for your gold to convert into cash, much to your excitement, happiness and jubilation.

Following are simple procedural exemplary services which Muthoot Finance Ltd. is known for:-

  • Minimal paperwork
  • No penalty on making prior payment
  • Loan disbursal in the fastest possible time
  • Loan amount from Rs. 1500 to Rs. 1 crore can be availed
  • Strong rooms for safeguarding your gold ornaments round the clock
  • In-house gold evaluation
  • Best possible customer service
  • Any one can avail the loan in the minimum possible time

The Muthoot Group is one of the best and the largest gold loan service provider. Increasing number of clients made them more dutiful and responsible towards continuously sticking with their prime-motto for which they are known for, i.e. providing the best of professionalized service and making sure that the ornaments are safeguarded in a top-notch manner.

Thanks to their mechanism, Muthoot don’t boast about the fact that they have made it quite easy for their each and every section of the society in order to accomplish their dream, just as and when they needed the money. As per their methodology, flexible interest rate policy has made it easy for them to cope with volatile markets, thereby giving the best of assistance to our esteemed clients in their quest of getting money.

So what, if you need money for just any task of yours, Muthoot is there for all your burgeoning needs. Associate yourself with Muthoot Finance and mobilize your personal assets which would have otherwise been kept in the locker for years now. Therefore, live life to the fullest, since you deserve the same as well. Muthoot Finance is there with you as a friend. So, have a firm belief as even the past records have been the testimony of the same as well. So, what are you waiting for?