Free And Best Web Development Course for Beginners with Online Certificates

Perhaps the exciting prospect of entering the field of web development is an ability to get in it right away.  Not like many professions who need several months or years of training, but with the web development, you may easily get started even today in case you feel the urge of learning or discovery new things under your feet! The best place where you can start getting this feel on how the development works are many free and self-guided web development courses online that will cover everything right from the basic programming knowledge to development practices.  Here we will take a close look at the best web development certificate courses as well as highlight what they will offer you and range of best links and tools that you can check out.Free And Best Web Development Course for Beginners


Codecademy gives series of the self-guided learning tutorials for the beginners to learn basics of the web development programming. The in-browser and self-contained web development environment is made where you will be able to learn basic structures of the front end code such as CSS and HTML before you move ahead on to the back end languages like Ruby on Rails & Python. Make a Website & HTML and CSS programs are best beginning points in case you want to learn the basics of the web design and structure.

Khan Academy

This is one very useful online learning website that covers almost all subjects, and computer programming of Khan Academy can’t be overlooked.  This features various self-guided tutorials, normally with the experts offering audio and video guidance on a topic whereas on-screen windows also show code & output of the results during this narration. They give a good introduction to SQL database engine that includes the guided narration and personal challenges to write down SQL yourself and perform some simple tasks.

MIT OpenCourseWare

You will find many self-guided web development courses from the best schools in the United States, MIT.  MIT Open Courseware program gives an amazing range of topics that you can learn, including many courses relating to development, programming, computer engineering, and mathematics.


Very much similar to the MIT OpenCourseWare, the Coursera gives many online web development courses from various universities all over the world totally free.  Each of their courses differs a bit in the format & timeline, but many courses are accessible for the programming, computer science, and development to get the taste.

Mozilla Developer Network

Mozilla, the team behind this popular Firefox browser, has made an amazing resource for the developers of different skills levels & expertise through the Mozilla Developer Network.  The resources, articles as well as tutorials are ideal for people who absorb the information and learn using the tried-and-true technique of reading words or seeing examples on the web page.  They have a wide range of topics that are wide, from the basic introductions to front-end languages and common vocabulary to optimization and performance.

HTML5 Rocks

Whereas the interface is lackluster and finding the relevant articles is somewhat challenging, HTML5 Rocks website —was made by Google — provides the wide range of tutorials and articles on all subject of the web development topics, and with the intended audiences that range from the beginners to the advanced developers.

A List Apart

The highly professional and updated magazines online directly aimed at the web developers & designers, and A List Apart course is a home to many exceptional articles that deal with everything right from the coding to techniques and design to the user experience.  Suppose you ever want to do a light reading or learn from advice and experience of other professionals in this field, then browsing through their articles is the best resource.

Coding Dojo Algorithm

For the new web developers, it is very important to get a little familiar with the programming algorithms as soon as possible – and so much that it becomes the second nature.

Final Words

After you have gotten your hand in basics of the web development, you will likely begin transitioning towards back-end programming. In this point, you will have to select the language, to begin with, and, there are many amazing course modules to select from. But before you settle on one, ensure you do your research and find the best fit — and not all the languages are alike.