Four Things Every Pet Funeral Home Needs

The funeral industry is one of the top industries in the nation today, and a growing number of companies now specialize in making products for those who want to memorialize their pets. This is one of the fastest growing industries today and one that helps you make money from those who lost their four-legged family members. Whether you offer cremation services or run a straight funeral home attached to a pet cemetery, you’ll want to add some products to the list of services that you offer.Pet Funeral

Memorial Stones

Offering memorial stones is a great way to let your customers know that you want them to memorialize their deceased pets. You can engrave these stones with the name of the pet on the front and other information. Some of the newer stones even have a space on the front that allow owners to slip a photo of their pet inside. If you own a pet cemetery, you’ll want to offer stones that act like headstones that customers can put on the graves of their pets. Make sure that these stones can withstand the common weather conditions of your area.

Cremation Jewelry

Many pet owners prefer cremation rather than burial. If you offer a range of cremation jewelry, those pet owners can take their beloved pets with them. These pieces look like traditional jewelry but have a top that screws on and off. They can add a small amount of the pet’s ashes to the piece, screw the top back on and take it with them. You can offer cheaper and more expensive jewelry to work with all the budgets that your customers have. Some of the more popular pieces that pet owners like are necklaces and keychains with attached pendants.

Funeral Pamphlets

Losing a pet is a difficult thing to go through. Some pet owners hold funeral services that allow all their family and friends to come and say goodbye to that pet. When you offer funeral services, you’ll want to offer pamphlets that the pet owners can pass out to guests. These pamphlets often include a photo of the pet on the front and the animal’s name with a hymn or a special message inside. You can offer your customers different designs and phrases for their own pamphlets. Companies like Graphic Traffic can print the pamphlets off and deliver the finished product to your funeral home.


Even if the pet owner opts for cremation jewelry, he or she may want an urn too. Jewelry pieces can usually only hold a small amount of the pet’s ashes, but they can use an urn to hold the rest. Urns come in many different styles that include smaller urns that look like simple wood boxes and larger urns with elaborate decorations across the front. The more options and designs you offer, the more customers you can reach. You can offer urns that they can display in their gardens and other types of cremation products too.

Owning a pet funeral home is similar to owning one that caters to humans. You’ll need to offer the same services and counsel your customers in the same way you would if they lost siblings or parents. Customers will appreciate the products that you offer too, including funeral pamphlets and cremation jewelry.