Fleet Management: 3 Reasons to Track Your Assets Better

fleet managementManaging a fleet is complex, but managing a fleet effectively is critical.  Time, expense, and even business reputations are affected by fleet management.  Essential aspects of fleet management include driver management, vehicle tracking and diagnostics, vehicle scheduling, fuel consumption, safety, and much more.  While some businesses with commercial fleets manage their vehicles in-house, others prefer to outsource many tasks associated with white label fleet management software.  Regardless of the method, businesses that want to protect their assets are turning to asset management software to protect their fleet and safeguard their businesses.

Location Tracking

Whether your fleet is made up of buses, trucks, boats, or some other motor vehicle, you should have knowledge of each vehicle’s whereabouts.  These vehicles are your assets, expensive assets, and need to be protected.  Location tracking can be provided through asset tracking software that allows your business to monitor where your vehicles go.  If your drivers take detours, you’ll be able to monitor their routes. The data can assist in future planning and the software provides peace of mind similar to a service dispatch software.

.  The software allows the company to view real-time locations and track the progress of a vehicle’s journey.  Your business will feel more secure knowing that it has a handle on where each vehicle is located at any given time.

Maintenance and Damage

Fleet management systems can also tap into each vehicle to obtain important diagnostic information.  Performing regular checks ultimately leads to greater safety and better protection of the vehicles.  The software also tracks maintenance to the each vehicle along with damage and repairs.  This effectively allows for more efficient care of the vehicles resulting in protection of the whole fleet.  Maintenance the repair of any damage to the vehicles is an essential responsibility of fleet ownership.  In fact, should an accident occur, the company is obligated to present records that show that they have responsibly maintained the vehicle.  Asset management software easily enables companies with fleets to track these important records.  Making updates to individual records is easy and staff members should be trained to work adeptly with their fleet management systems and software.

Driver / Operator Behavior

Because companies now have access to real-time locations of their vehicles, they can better track driver practices.  This is important for helping to determine if drivers are adhering to safety recommendations not only regarding the vehicle but for themselves.  While efficient driving is always promoted, excessive speed is not generally condoned as it puts the driver, vehicle, and other drivers on the road at increased risk for accidents or injuries.  The software’s tracking ability can tell when a driver is taking a break or slowed by traffic.  It can track how often your driver takes detours.  In essence, the software can help a business discover its best drivers and reveal those who may need additional training.  Additionally, when drivers are better connected to the business and its help desk, they can get help they need from other staff quickly whether it’s route changes or schedule adjustments.  Responsible management of drivers is just one more way companies can protect their assets.

Protecting Business Assets is Integral to Business

Simply by using asset management software, a company can significantly protect its assets—it’s vehicles in this case.  Not using this essential software is a bit like not tracking where one’s money is.  Responsible businesses understand the value and importance of knowing where their fleet is at all times.  Not only does this knowledge translate into cost-effectiveness, it equates to safety.  Whether you outsource or install asset tracking software in-house, you will certainly benefit from its many protections; in fact, you may very well see your business grow and thrive as you discover new benefits from its use.