Fight Depression by Glimpsing Through Awesome Speaking Memories

Depression can take over ourselves and make us feel saddened and terrible. While there are many ways to fight depression, watching your memories is one of the surest ways of fighting the depressing moments. Fight Depression by GlimpsingHere are top things you could do to go down to your memory lane.

Watch Past Videos: Childhood, weddings, get together and many other crucial life events are captured by videos. Videos are great for they give a rundown of past and perfectly takes us to the lovely memories.

Not all the videos are not captured well by professional photographers, therefore, it is a better idea to watch privately took videos. Be it of your baby’s first walk, siblings wedding or daughter’s graduation ceremony. Make it a point to capture everything well. If you don’t have any such memories than it is a good idea to start collecting them. You may never know when you are going to need them, but one thing is for sure – you would need them sometime in your life. Perhaps, during the tough times.

Watching Emotion Rich Photographs: There is a difference between a typically posed photograph and the one that has vivid emotions. The latter captures the natural expressions – be it sadness, laughter etc. A professional is likely to capture the photos which are organized and although they may look great, they may not have a great emotional value. As with the past videos, if you don’t have memories already, then it is a great idea to start collecting them.

Trying Speaking Images: Speaking images are a great way to capture the emotions and hearing to it can immerse you in a new world altogether. Speaking pictures will not take a lot of memory on your smartphone and will ensure that you get a lovely and delighted image sharing and capturing experience.

Thanks to the advent of new age technology, an app called voxweb has come up with a concept called speaking pictures, whereby the user can go ahead and add an audio message with the photograph and share it with each other. They also have the option to share it on a social media platform called life. Voxweb is available for free download for both apple and android smartphone users.

Users across the world are shifting to this new age way of taking pictures and it is set to be one of the most breakthrough technologies that will define the world of image capturing. The speaking pictures are distinctly marked with an orange line and a recipient can play the speaking picture by tapping on it.

Due to great response and rapid embrace amongst the users, it is set to garner a lot of fanfare in the time to come. As with gif and many other image forms, it is likely to be embraced by all social media platforms.

The crux of fighting depression lies in getting the best out of emotions. And the more vibrant the emotions, the faster you can come out of depression, so switch onto a new way of capturing emotions through Voxweb.