Facts about Testing a Game with QATestLab

With the increased popularity of the video games, there are so many games arriving every day. So, it is essential for a developer of a game to give his product with maximum quality possible in order to compete with others. This has made way for numerous employment opportunities for many people. From the software engineers who write the programs to the script writers, musicians, graphic designers and creative executives – everyone needs to combine their works together to produce a game successfully. Everyone knows that it is human nature to make mistakes. While creating a game, there will surely be some defects which won’t be noticeable for the developers of the
game.testing a game

QATestLab is an organization which dedicates itself to video games testing and rectifying and reporting the mistakes in the game. If you are a game developer and if you have developed a new game, you can send a request to QATestLab to test your game and report. They will estimate a budget and report you. If you are satisfied, you can proceed further.

The QATestLab has experienced and talented people who test the game and detect the defects. The games are tested on all the platforms and Operating Systems. For example iOS testing, android testing and such other tests are done to make sure if the game performs well on all the platforms. If the game fails to function in any of the platforms, it is conveyed to the developer and proper rectification is also suggested. Not only this, the experts give suggestions on the defects that may occur after the testing is done. Finally they submit a detailed report with a list of defects, feedbacks, suggestions and all other necessary documents. The test team tests the games on various grounds and every aspect of the game is thoroughly checked. They include installation, functionality, localization, in-game purchases, social networks, usability, performance, load, security and checklists.

There are many famous games which have been launched after the successful *game testing* by QATestLab. Some of them are Cradle of Empires, Cat’s Grace, Fairy Forest, Jazz Night and My Lady’s Castle etc. There are many popular game developers who test their games with QATestLab. They are Wargaming, kama games, TreasureHunt, Playrix, G5 Games, Adore Games, Awem Games and so on.

If a job is to be completed successfully and effectively it should be divided into many segments and given to talented people. It is just like the job of a film director whose job is to allot different works for different people and to get the final product with a good quality. It is the same job done by the developers of a game to allot the testing job to the experts. Since they are well versed in testing games, the quality of the game is improved. One can easily understand the difference between a job done by an expert who is exclusively trained in that field and a job done by a person who does it as one of many jobs. This testing company has been testing so many games and so they have become experts in it. And so it is better idea to submit games to this site to be tested.