Employer Reviews Matter: Do Your Research Before Applying

If you’ve worked for an employer or two with whom you simply did not get along, it may be time to change your job-search tactics. Too many individuals review a job listing and apply without even considering what company sits behind the job ad, but doing that is a huge mistake. How well you mesh with an employer can make or break your career.Employer Reviews Matter

According to Kelly Services, you’re far more likely to go the extra mile if you love your job than if you hate it. If you hate your job, you will be more inclined to do everything halfway, whereas if you love it, you will dedicate more energy, passion and commitment to your daily activities. So, how can you make sure that you’ll love your future job and employer without actually meeting with them? Check out job review sites.

Why You Should Care About Employer Reviews

The best job boards feature not only thousands of job ads but also, countless company reviews. You can get a good idea of how pleasant an employer is to work for by reviewing what past and previous employees have to say. You can also get a good idea of what type of benefits you can expect from working with a certain employer as well as what types of opportunities will be available to you. For this reason, it’s always a good idea to compare the reviews to the information in the listing.

For instance, one common phrase in job ads is “Opportunities for Growth,” a phrase that, according to Inc. attracts a lot of qualified candidates. However, it’s easy for companies to talk the talk, but how many actually walk the walk. If you want to make sure that the companies to which you apply are true to their word, check out the employee reviews.

How To Pick a Job Board

10 years ago, there were only a handful of job boards for individuals to choose from. Today, however, there are over 100 job review sites. Though that many options mean all the more jobs to apply to, it also means more decisions. Though it isn’t practical to use them all (think about all the passwords you would have to remember!), you may feel as if you’re missing out on opportunities because you chose to sign up for one job review site and not another. You can eliminate this feeling by doing your research and narrowing down your options. You can start by deciding between a niche job board or a generalist one.

Niche job boards cater to just one or two industries, which means there will likely be less competition, but keep in mind that that competition will be more competitive. If you have a good deal of experience, it wouldn’t hurt to join a niche site. However, if you’re new to the industry, you may not find any luck on a niche site, in which case, a generalist board is more your speed. Though generalist job boards do mean more competition, they usually offer far more job search resources than niche sites, as they often cater to industry and workforce newbies.

If you’re tired of hating your employer and your job, sign up for a job review site or two. You may discover that it’s just what you need to land the job of your dreams.