Easily Find an RV Campsite with These Camping Apps

Camping is a pastime that people have enjoyed for generations. I still go camping from time to time when I manage to organize everything with a friend who owns an RV. As far as I know, camping is still a popular activity even today and unlike previous generations, this one has the opportunity to use apps to find cool campsites around. That way your camping trip doesn’t turn out to be a bust. I already used a couple of them, but I want to focus on apps that specialize in RV camping. The previously mentioned friend uses them often, so why not check out if they are any good? I looked at a bunch of camping apps and picked the ones I liked the best so you guys don’t have to do all that research. I also found this list of 10 apps that seem pretty good, if you’re interested.Find an RV Campsite

Best 10 Camping Apps by App Grooves

As I said, the apps that I picked are all for people with RV’s, so if you don’t have an RV these may not be the apps for you. But if you’re still interested, let me know and I might a review of regular camping apps.

Park4Night – Find a Place to Park for the Night

The reason why I included this one is that I know my friend likes it and I can see why. Park4Night is great for people looking for a quick place to set up camp in their RV. The map is simple to use as it lets you search for places near you or along your route so that you can get some shut-eye whenever you need to. I can imagine taking the burden of cumbersome overplanning where you’ll stop for the night. I thought it was nice that this app works in multiple countries, including Europe.

Another handy feature is you can also upload pictures of your campsite to the app for other people to look at. It’s not something that’s crucial, but it is fun. However, the upload feature does not always work. Sometimes you are simply unable to upload and there is nothing you can do about it. I’m not sure why, but they probably can fix it in some future patch.

RVParky – Find Exactly What You Need

I found this app and thought that it looked pretty cool because it lets you search for specific keywords so that you can easily find what you are looking for. I searched for KOA campgrounds near me and find results instantly, with no problem. It also shows reviews from previous campers so that you know if a spot is any good or not. I think this one is good overall and can definitely come in handy for any RV camper.

Nonetheless, I need to say something. Although the keyword search feature sounds great, I found that it didn’t always work too well. For big stuff like KOA campgrounds, sure, but if you go into the details you start to face small issues. The keywords it recognizes are a little bit general, so you probably won’t be able to find a super-specific campsite without doing some extra work.

Plan Your whole Trip with RV Parks & Campgrounds

Just like RVParky, this app lets you see reviews from past campers so that you can pick the best spot available. However, it does go an extra mile. You can search for RV friendly gas stations and grocery stores with it as well – that way you can plan out every stop on your route no problem. It works best for North America as it shows places you likely find useful.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any maps of other places, like Europe or Asia, so if you are not from North America, then you will need to simply use another app. Shame, but what can you do. I’m guessing it has to the ability to organize similar places on a map in European and Asian countries. You can also read https://www.globosurfer.com/best-budget-tents/ to choose the best bugdet camp for your upcoming tour.

I searched for the best RV camping apps that I could find, and I hope you guys find one that works for you. If I ever have enough money to afford an RV, then I just might use one of these apps myself. RV’s are expensive, though, so good for you if you actually do have one! As for me, I’ll just have to join my friend for a ride.