EaseUS Todo Backup Free — Easier Data Backup in Seconds

In a world where information has become more important than devices, it makes enough sense to ensure that none of possible issues will harm data that you consider significant! And, nowadays, you will not find much trouble if you’d like to find a free solution to backup your data, as hundreds of both paid and free software are available out there. In this post, however, we are here to introduce an awesome backup solution for Windows — EaseUS Todo Backup! We, here, will have a review of this free backup software so that you will not be confused when you want to choose it for backing up your data, without paying anything.

Todo Backup Free — an Introduction

As we said earlier, Todo Backup free from EaseUS is a free tool that can be used to backup your information from the device of yours running on Microsoft Windows. Support range of EaseUS Todo Backup is quite wide, as it supports a number of Windows versions including Windows XP and Windows 8.1. This means that almost every Windows-based PC of yours will have Todo Backup Free without any sort of glitch. Nevertheless, although commonly known as a tool to backup your data, Todo Backup free can be used for other purposes as well.EaseUS Todo Backup Free

What You Can Do With EaseUS Todo Backup Free

  • Traditional Data Backup: This section of EaseUS Todo Backup can be used to backup different kinds of data, including media files, documents etc, in a secure way that almost no technical errors will corrupt your info. It has to be noted that backup part of EaseUS Todo Backup Free is classified into different categories — such as System Backup that ensures security of entire OS, File Backup for individual file backup, Full Backup to store entire configuration of your PC in a secure way etc.
  • Data Recovery: In this section, you will be able to restore data that you have backed up by means of EaseUS Todo Backup Free. There are options like System Restore, Selective File Restore and Pre-OS recovery etc that are available.
  • Disk Cloning helps you transfer every bit of data from a hard disk to another. Both HDD-HDD and HDD-SSD are available. So, if you want to clone Windows 8 to SSD, it will be a matter of a few seconds when you are in a plan to go for EaseUS Todo Backup free.EaseUS Todo Backup Free

Considering all these, it is clear that EaseUS Todo Backup is an all-in-one solution for your backup and restore needs!

User Interface

Throughout the tool, you can find a really intuitive User Interface that makes almost every user get accustomed to its different sections. For instance, while we consider the backup section, EaseUS Todo Backup has chosen a systematic wizard to complete the backup process. Since the tool does not require a reboot to save these changes, you will have a smooth backing-up experience. Also, we have to consider additional features such as support for USB 3.0 as well as trending technologies like HDD standards.EaseUS Todo Backup Free

Our Verdict

Considering our smooth experience with EaseUS Todo Backup Free, it is an optimum solution to backup your data in a way that is unbeatable for technical errors. Specifically, we loved its multipurpose style and easy UI.