Does Your Business Have A Safe Method Of File Storage, Or Are Your Files At Risk?

safe method of file storageFile storage is highly important for every business, as each will need to keep important records. These could be financial records for the company such as revenues and expenses, or more sensitive documents such as patient records or customer information. In this day and age, keeping them stored on your office computer is not enough to keep them safe. Anything could happen, from internal computer failure or external damage, such as flooding or fires. There are two main storage options that we would like to cover, which will represent a large number of businesses and their safe file storage method of choice.

Online File Storage

Keeping your files stowed away online is one of the favored choices of many business owners. Because these online storage providers tend to cater to many large businesses, there is a generous amount of storage space available for your needs; no matter how much data you have to store. Since internet access is one of the most common commodities, accessibility is generally pretty high. Some even cater to smart phone users, meaning you can access your files while on the go. The servers that your data is stored on are usually protected by some of the strongest firewalls and intruder prevention measures available also. If you are contemplating file storage online then Egnyte is one of the best available; it has been applauded for its many features, and customer service.

Using Physical Storage Devices for Business Files

Physical storage devices (as opposed to virtual storage solutions) usually consist of external hard drives, flash drives, discs, or other istorage media that you obtain to store your business files on. Keeping these on hand is always a good idea, as you may need to switch files or data between computers that do not have internet access. You will also find that using this method can prevent future expenses, as external storage devices incur a one-time fee. Since they are only connected to the internet when connected to a computer, you do not have to worry about the files or sensitive information being accessed; it is pretty much 100% secure and safe from hackers. While Online file storage is also incredibly safe, there is still a possibility of intrusion.

The Benefits Of Using Both Methods In Conjunction
It is clear that each option offers its own benefits; along with a few cons. Using them together is not a bad idea at all; especially if the files are incredibly important and are crucial to your business. It will of course be a little more expensive than sticking with a single method. This is a small price to pay if it means you will never have to worry about the safety of your data. By keeping a backup of your files online and on external storage devices, if one should fail, you still have a copy of all of the files with the secondary storage method. You will be able to carry the files with you physically, or access them with your phone; this method provides the most in versatility and safety.

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